The American Express® MakeMyTrip Credit Card

  1. Please note that you do not earn PAYBACK Points on your spending on fuel, insurance, utility (electricity, water and gas) payments and Cash Transactions. Fuel includes petrol, diesel, CNG from Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs). Utility includes service providers of household/domestic electricity, gas and water. These providers can be government departments and agencies including local, state, municipal organizations, public housing societies and apartment associations.
  2. On your MakeMyTrip transactions, over and above the standard earn rate of 2 PAYBACK Points per Rs. 100 spent you also earn 1 PAYBACK Point per Rs. 100 spent on all flight bookings, 2 PAYBACK Points per Rs.100 spent on all holidays and flights + hotel combo bookings and 3 PAYBACK Points per Rs. 100 spent on all hotel bookings.

    These incremental Points are provided by MakeMyTrip and are governed by the Terms and Conditions of MakeMyTrip. For details and the latest Terms and Conditions, please visit For earning incremental PAYBACK points (over and above the PAYBACK points earned through card spending) at MakeMyTrip, you have to opt in/activate your account with MakeMyTrip by logging onto the MakeMyTrip website via your registered email ID (with MakeMyTrip), within 90 days from incurring the transaction at MakeMyTrip. This is just a one-time activity.
  3. Please click here for the detailed terms & conditions.
  4. For domestic flights, 5% cashback is applicable only on return flights and is capped at Rs. 500. For International flights, 5% cashback will apply only on base fare and is capped at Rs. 3,000. For all other travel categories, 5% cashback is capped at Rs 3,000. 5% cashback is restricted to 2 transactions on each travel category per month. Travel categories are flights, hotels and flight + hotels. Holidays, Bus, Bus plus hotel, Rail and Car bookings are not eligible for 5% cashback. The cashback will be credited to your Card Account within 21 days of the transaction.
  5. Click here for spend linked MakeMyTrip voucher terms and conditions.