Mahindra Recalls – XUV700 & Scorpio N, Check your car details

Mahindra has reportedly recalled the recently launched Mahindra Scorpio-N and XUV700 SUVs. According to a report by CarToq, the company has recalled the SUV on the grounds of a quality control glitch at the vendor’s end that may have affected ‘operational dimensional clearance’ of the rubber bellow found inside the clutch bell housing. The recall is aimed to check and replace the rubber bellow.

Which models are impacted?

This includes 6,618 units of the Scorpio-N and 12,566 units of the XUV700 (all manual transmission units).

Owners of both these Mahindra SUVs will be contacted by the dealerships individually. The said vehicles will be examined and if found faulty, necessary repairs will be made at no additional cost for the customers.

Mahindra: “We will proactively inspect rubber below inside bell housing on a batch of 6618 units of Scorpio-N manual transmission vehicles and a batch of 12,566 units of XUV700 manual transmission vehicles, assembled on limited days of manufacturing, between 1st July and 11th November, 2022. A sorting process error at the supplier’s plant, on specific dates, may have affected operational dimensional clearance of rubber bellow inside bell housing. Keeping with the company’s stringent quality standards and exercising abundant caution, Mahindra has proactively engaged in this limited inspection and subsequent rectification, free of cost.

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