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HDFC Bank Value Plus Credit Card: It’s power packed with a host of unmatched features that provides your family with true Value and savings. No wonder we call it the Value Plus Credit Card.

Like the name suggests, the Value Plus Credit Card brings you added value unlike any other card. It is a Guaranteed Cash Back card which enables you to earn up to 5% Cash Back on your spends.

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Features & Benefits of HDFC Value Plus Credit Card

Value Plus Cashback- Anytime Anywhere – Use your Value Plus Credit Card anywhere anytime during the year and avail up to 5% cashback on retail spends.

Worldwide acceptance – The HDFC Bank International Value Plus Credit Card is accepted at over 23 million Merchant Establishments around the world, including 110,000 Merchant Establishments in India.

Cash Advance – Just step into any one of our ATMs or VISA Member ATMs and withdraw cash up to 10% of your credit limit at a very nominal charge (Please refer to the Schedule of charges).

Revolving credit facility – This feature allows you to pay a minimum amount, which is 5% (subject to a minimum amount of Rs.200) of your total bill amount or any higher amount whichever is convenient for you. You can then carry forward the balance to a better financial month, for which you pay a charge of 3.25% per month.

Interest Free Credit Period – Card now gets an Interest Free Credit Period of up to 50 days from the date of purchase (subject to the submission of the charge by the Merchant). Subsequently, if you carry forward your outstanding balance you just pay a nominal interest of 3.25% per month.

Fees and Charges-

Interest Free Period

Upto 50 days

Cash Advance Limit

10% of credit limit

Additional Card fee

Free for Life

Cash Advance Charges

2.5% on amount withdrawn or Rs 300/- whichever is higher.

Charges on overlimit account

2.5% of over limit amount subject to a minimum of Rs 500

Cash processing fee

With effect from 1 May 2007, cash processing fee of Rs 50 per payment is payable on cash deposits at HDFC Bank branches/ATMs.
Card accounts levied with Late Payment Charges in the latest generated statement will be exempted from the cash processing fee.

Petrol Transaction Charge

2.5% (subject to a minimum of Rs 10)

Reissue of Lost, Stolen or Damaged Card

Rs. 100

Retrieval Fees ( Chargeslip)

Rs. 125 per Chargeslip

Description of Charges

Value Plus Credit Card

Minimum Repayment Amount

5%, Minimum Rs 200

Annual Fee

Rs. 700

Charges On revolving Credit

3.25% P.M., 39.0% Annually – from Transaction date

Late Payment Charges

Nil for Credit card bills upto Rs.100, Rs.100 for credit card bills between Rs.100 and Rs.500, Rs.350 for credit card bills between Rs.501 and Rs.10000, Rs.500 for credit card bills between Rs.10001 and Rs.20000 and Rs.600 for credit card bills above Rs.20000.

Railway Ticket Purchase Fee

Rs 30 + 2.5% of transaction amount

Balance Transfer / Balance Transfer on EMI Processing Charges

2.0% of BT / BT on EMI amount or Rs. 200,whichever is higher.( Max. Rs. 600/-)

Service Tax

Applicable on all fees, interest and other charges

Outstation Cheque Processing Charge

Rs. 50

Foreign Currency Transactions

Bank Charges Cross currency mark-up of 3.5%

Repayments Options:

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