DCB Home Loan – Interest Rates 2019, EMI Eligibility Calculator

Development Credit Bank home loan – Compare online Interest Rates, Documents, Eligibility and Processing Fees of DCB housing loans India.

Avail of loans for purchase of a new house, self construction, purchase of land plus construction of house, Balance transfer of existing home loan with an additional amount for personal use.

DCB Home Loans are available for individuals (salaried / businessmen), partnership firms and private limited companies. Our dedicated Relationship Managers will understand your requirements and assist you at every stage of the loan disbursal process. Click to know about home loan interest rates

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Features of DCB Home Loan

  • Avail of loans of up to 85% of the property cost
  • Dedicated Relationship Managers
  • Loan amount ranging from Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs. 5 crores
  • Flexible tenures of up to 20 years
  • Simplified documentation and speedy processing
  • Home loan insurance at low premium
  • No charges on part prepayment

DCB Home loan EMI Calculator

DCB Home loan emi calculator helps you to know how much emi per month you have to pay against the loan taken for purchasing the new Home. you can select or choose the right loan amount as per your financial condition and it helps you in selecting the Home variant as per your paying capacity of EMI. For calculation you have to just select the right loan amount, Interest Rate and Repayment period.

Calculate Loans EMI Online

Loan Amount
Interest Rate (Reducing) % Per Annum
Loan Tenure (in Months)
Monthly EMI
Total Amount with Interest
Total Interest Amount
Yearly Interest Amount

For an example, You can take a loan amount of Rs.12 lakh for 15 years repayment period at 8.60% rate of interest than your emi calculations are as follows:

  • Loan Amount = Rs. 12,00,000
  • Monthly Installment (EMI) = Rs. 11,887
  • Total Interest Amount = Rs. 9,39,718
  • Total Amount (Principal + Interest) = Rs. 21,39,718
Year Principal Interest Balance Amount
1 Rs. 41,035 Rs. 101,609 Rs. 1,158,965
2 Rs. 44,710 Rs. 97,934 Rs. 1,114,255
3 Rs. 48,707 Rs. 93,937 Rs. 1,065,548
4 Rs. 53,067 Rs. 89,577 Rs. 1,012,481
5 Rs. 57,814 Rs. 84,830 Rs. 954,667
6 Rs. 62,987 Rs. 79,657 Rs. 891,680
7 Rs. 68,622 Rs. 74,022 Rs. 823,058
8 Rs. 74,762 Rs. 67,882 Rs. 748,296
9 Rs. 81,450 Rs. 61,194 Rs. 666,846
10 Rs. 88,739 Rs. 53,905 Rs. 578,107
11 Rs. 96,678 Rs. 45,966 Rs. 481,429
12 Rs. 105,327 Rs. 37,317 Rs. 376,102
13 Rs. 114,754 Rs. 27,890 Rs. 261,348
14 Rs. 125,019 Rs. 17,625 Rs. 136,329
15 Rs. 136,414 Rs. 6,438 Rs. 0

Eligibility Requirement for DCB Home Loans:-

  • Minimum Age: 30 years for Salaried & 25 years for Self Employed at the time of application.
  • Maximum Age:
    ° Salaried – Max 65 years or Retirement Age, whichever is earlier at the time of loan maturity.
    ° Self Employed – Max 65 years at the time of loan maturity.
  • Minimum Income:
    ° For Chennai Pune and Hyderabad – 2.5 lacs per annum
    ° For other locations – 3 lacs per annum
  • Target segment: Loans are offered to both Self employed & Salaried and also to
    NRI / PIO (salaried segment only)
  • Co-applicant mandatory in all cases.
  • Tenure: 12 months to 240 months.
  • Loan to Value Ratio (LTV): max 85%.

Documents required for DCB Home Loan:

  • Duly filled application form
  • Passport size photographs of applicant / co-applicants.
  • Identity, Signature, Address and Tele-contactability proofs.
  • Copies of property title and supporting documents.
  • All property owners need to act either as applicant / co-applicant / guarantor
  • Main / Operative bank account statement for last 6 months
  • Last 2 years Income Tax returns, Computation, CA audited/certified P&L accounts and Balance Sheet for self employed
  • Last 2 months salary slips/salary certificates with corresponding Bank credits for salaried individuals.
  • Partnership deed / Lease deed / Memorandum & AOA for Partnership, Pvt. Ltd. Entity
  • DOB/Age proof
  • Professional degree proof in case of professional – Doctors and Chartered Accountants.

Schedule Charges & Fees:

Charges Home Loans
Loan Processing charges Upto 2% of the loan amount, subject to a minimum of Rs.5,000/-, which would be payable at the time of loan application (by way of a cheque / PO / DD), balance would be payable prior to disbursement.
Annual Maintenance Charges (PayLessHome Operative Account) Upto 1% of outstanding loan amount as on 31st March every year (Loan account Closing balance as per loan account statement). This will be an annual charge which will be normally debited from your PayLess Home Operative account during the following quarter.
The annual charge would be debited if the excess fund deposited in the PayLess Home Operative Account exceeds 30% (on an average basis for the preceding financial year) of the loan outstanding as per the actual loan account statement as on 31st March every year.
Prepayment (Foreclosure) Charges
  1. NIL where the loan is linked to fully floating rate of interest and has completed 12 months from the date of full disbursement.
  2. Prepayment/foreclosure is allowed after 12 months of full disbursement. In case of prepayment/ foreclosure of home loan, no prepayment / foreclosure charges will be levied on floating rate loans. However, prepayment / foreclosure charges of 2% (plus applicable service tax) on principal outstanding will be levied in case of all other loans.
Part � Prepayment Charges
  1. No part-prepayment permitted in the first 6 months from the date of full disbursement.
  2. No part-prepayment and reduction of EMI permitted in PayLess Home Loan facility.