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  1. Vivek SM

    Please understand………………..Politics is OK but rather think of the LIFE in these last days….Please believe me, JESUS IS ONLY TRUTH..Read John 14:6, which clearly says. We are spiritual beings on human journey only few understand this. Please trust me as I say with love not commanding because HIS grace and mercy I understand please understand. The only proof is HIS WORDS in New Testament of Holy BIBLE. Please read and understand. The saying proof is HIS NAME IS SPREADING LIKE a CALM BREEZE, we even felt the touch of it. If HE was not true HIS NAME SPREADING WAS STOPPED 2000 years back but all my loving frnds please understand. WITH LOVE….M. VIVEKANANDA SWAMY(Converted Christian)

  2. Nalin Baria

    Good evening
    I am NRI Account holder with SBI bank, would like to have car loan, please advise me, how much down payment i have to pay and what are the documents required as NRI.


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