Car loan helped me fulfil my lifelong dream and make my Dad proud

This story is of one of our customers Abhay, who was born to a driver. He is from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. His father on weekends usually took him and his sister to a beautiful spot nearby in his bosse’s car. “I remember we enjoyed roaming in the car (though it was not ours) and Upper lake was one of ours favorite places to hang out”, he recalls. We waited throughout the week for sunday when my father had some time off and borrowed the car from his boss to take our family to Upper lake.

But, most of the times our picnic was cut short because it was not our car. Whenever, the real owner needed the car, my father had to go. We used to end up crying most of the times. Those memories became my motivation to buy a Car for me and my family. My father was the only earning person of the family and despite his low income, he never let us feel that we have shortage of anything.

We had our education in an English medium school and were properly tutored and nurtured. Our parents knew from the very beginning that Education and health are the keys to a strong future and did their best to make sure that we had these.

Car Loan Fulfil my Dad Dreams

I did my graduation from Indore and starting working in a consulting firm as an assistant consultant in Delhi. Initially my paycheck was around 20000 per month and it was hardly enough to survive in the big city. I was saving like 4,000 Rs per month despite managing my expenses really well but, that dream of having my own car had not left me.


My father was nearing his retirement and my sister was still studying. So, soon i would be expected to take care of my family as well. With so many responsibilities, personal desires take a backseat. After 2 years of experience, my paycheck saw a significant rise. My savings increased but, yet I was in no position to buy a car from my savings.


This was the time, I started pondering over the option of car loan. I was a little comprehensive about the prospect of loan at the beginning. Because of that, I started comparing loans online. I checked my eligibility for a loan through eligibility calculator, determined the lowest interest rates I could get and what would be my EMI for a particular tenure.


I went in to the decision of taking the car loan after evaluating everything. I went with the bank having no processing fees, zero hidden charges and least prepayment charges as I didn’t want any unwanted surprises. helped me to make sure that I got the loan at best interest rates as per my eligibility and my EMI was not something, i couldn’t afford. I could see my dream in front of my eyes and in 5 years, the car will be mine with all EMI’s paid for. The thought of making my father happy and proud made me joyous.


Abhay, took a Car loan of Rs. 3,90,000 for a tenure of 5 years. His monthly EMI is around Rs. 8,400 and he drives a Swift.

Abhay is now 28 and has repaid nearly half of his car loan amount. Abhay’s smart way of taking car loan helped him fulfil his life long dream of having his own car and made sure his EMI is a Taraqi ki EMI. We wish him all the best for his future endeavours.