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Muthoot Finance Gold Loan- Get Gold Loans in 5 Minutes from muthoot. Check Interest Rates now, EMI, Eligibility & Documents under various schemes of muthoot finance in all over India

Why Muthoot Finance Is Best in Gold Loan:

✓ Over 81000 Daily Customers
✓ Quick Disbursal of Gold Loan
✓ Maximum Loan Amount – 1 Crore
✓ Pre-Payment Available Without Penalty
✓ Strong Locker rooms for Safe custody of Gold Ornaments

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Muthoot Gold Loan EMI Calculator

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✓ Rate of interest (percentage)

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Muthoot Finance Gold Loan Interest rates on Various Schemes 2015

Schemes Rate of Interest
Scheme Slab Period/s Kerala Other South Indian Branches All other Branches
Muthoot Bestvalue Loan (MBL) Upto 1 month 14% p.a. 14% p.a. 14% p.a.
>1 upto 3 months 18% p.a. 18% p.a. 18% p.a.
>3 upto 6 months 21% p.a. 21% p.a. 21% p.a.
>6 upto 12 months 24% p.a. 24% p.a. 24% p.a.
Muthoot Mahila Loan (MML)* Upto 1 month 12% p.a. 12% p.a. N.A.
>1 upto 3 months 15% p.a. 15% p.a. N.A.
>3 upto 6 months 20% p.a. 20% p.a. N.A.
>6 upto 12 months 24% p.a. 24% p.a. N.A.
Muthoot Super Loan (MSL) Upto 12 months 21% p.a. 22% p.a. 23% p.a.
Muthoot Premier Loan (MPL) Upto 12 months 20% p.a. 21% p.a. 22% p.a.
Muthoot Advantage Loan (MAL) Upto 3 month 18% p.a. 18% p.a. 18% p.a.
>3 upto 6 months 21% p.a. 21% p.a. 22% p.a.
>6 upto 12 months 24% p.a. 24% p.a. 24% p.a.
Muthoot Highvalue Loan (MHL) Upto 3 months 16% p.a. 16% p.a. 16% p.a.
>3 upto 12 months 18% p.a. 18% p.a. 18% p.a.
Muthoot Overdraft scheme (MOS) 12 months 19% p.a. 19% p.a. 19% p.a.
Muthoot Instalment Scheme (MIS) 6/12 instalments 21% p.a. 21% p.a. 21% p.a.
Interest is charged on monthly compounding basis.Documentation charge of Rs.1500/- is chargeable for limits sanctioned under MOS scheme.Late payment charges are applicable for loans under MIS Scheme@24% p.a. for delay in payment of EMIs.
Processing charges are applicable for loans under MHL scheme as below:
Kerala & Other South Indian Branches 0.50% of the loan amount irrespective of the loan amount
All other branches 1% of the loan amount for loans below Rs.10 lakhs
0.5% of the loan amount for loans of Rs.10 lakhs & above and upto Rs.25 lakhs
0.25% of the loan amount for loans of Rs.25 lakhs and above
Penal interest @2% p.a. is chargeable in addition to the interest as above on loans outstanding for more than 12 months.
* Available in selected branches

Who is eligible to avail a Gold Loan?
Anyone, above the age of 18, can avail a loan against gold. All they need to provide are the gold ornaments and the required documents.

What type of security do I need to provide? Do I need a guarantor?

The only security which is required from the customer in order for them to avail a gold loan from Muthoot Finance Ltd. is the very gold they pledge with Muthoot Finance Ltd. itself. There is no need for an external/third party guarantor for the same. The loan will be sanctioned against the gold pledged.

What is the minimum/maximum tenure of the gold loan?
The minimum tenure for our gold loan is 1 day and maximum tenure for our gold loan is 15 months, each loan has a different tenure

How can I repay my loan? What different options are available for the repayment?
Muthoot gold loans can be repaid in a flexible manner. You must repay the loan at any of bank branches by cash or cheque.

How can I apply for a Gold Loan with Muthoot Finance Ltd.
In order to receive funds against your gold ornaments with Muthoot Finance Ltd. you will have to walk into any of our branches and inform the customer care executive of the same. The executive will then have you fill out a KYC form and guide you through the rest of the process.

How much can I expect for my gold?
This depends on the rate of gold on that date and the purity of gold in the ornaments. This answer can best be answered by your Nearest Muthoot Finance Branch.

I need some more information, how can I contact Muthoot Finance Ltd.?

You can reach Muthoot Gold Loan at 011 3051 3051, or You can also voice your concerns on our facebook and twitter pages.

About Muthoot Gold Loan

TMG, has interests in the hospitality and medical sectors, hired 4,000 employees during the current fiscal, taking its staff strength to over 25,000 across 4,400 branches spread over 21 states and 4 Union Territories.

TMG, has over 100 branches in the Delhi region, and is associated with the Delhi Daredevils team for the new IPL season. They have plans to expand its presence in the north. In the south, TMG has over 450 branches in Kerala and 380 in Tamil Nadu, besides a strong presence in the other southern states.

Being India’s largest gold loan service provider, safeguarding the deposits of gold ornaments is our primary concern. A flexible interest rate policy is what helps us cope with volatile markets. Muthoot gold loan range starts from Rs. 1,500 and stretches up to Rs. 1 Crore. Serving over 81,000 customers daily, assist almost every section of the society in obtaining quick cash for leveraging their dreams.

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