HDFC Bank Personal Loan HDFC Bank Personal Loan

HDFC Bank Personal Loan: Get instant approval within 5 minutes at lowest Interest Rates through Deal4loans. Find best offers for Salaried, Self-employed, loan upto 40 lakh, 5 year repayment period. Whatever the reason might be, medical emergency, marriage, foreign vacation, traveling, purchase of consumer durable, renovation, buying property, or need of extra cash - HDFC Bank Personal Loans can help you any time anywhere.

HDFC Personal loan Highlights

Interest Rates 10.75% - 14.50%
Processing Fee Up to Rs 4999/-
Foreclosure charges Up to 4.00% + GST
Repayment 1 Year to 5 Years
Loan Amount Rs. 50000 - Rs. 4000000
Min. Income 25000 per month
Part Payment Facility Yes, available
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₹ 273,923 crores worth of Personal Loan Applications received! (last updated on 03 October 2023)
Instant Apply for HDFC Bank Personal Loan @ Lowest Rates & your CIBIL score absolutely FREE.
Loan Amount
Employment Status

HDFC Personal Loan Interest Rates 2023

Last Updated as on 03 Oct 2023

Company Cat/ Product Cat NTH band (Net take Home) CIBIL Score >730 CIBIL Score <=730, No Hit PF
CAT SUPER A, CAT A, CAT HDFC >=100000 11.00% 11.25% ₹.04,999
>=75000 to 100000 11.25% 11.50% ₹4,999
>=50000 to 75000 11.50% 11.75% ₹4,999
>=35000 to 50000 11.75% 12.00% ₹3,499
<35000 13.00% 13.50% ₹3,499
CAT B, CAT C, CAT D, CAT E, CAT EDU & MED , CAT NRI, CAT NEW >=100000 11.25% 11.75% ₹4,999
>=75000 to 100000 11.50% 12.50% ₹4,999
>=50000 to 75000 11.75% 12.60% ₹4,999
>=35000 to 50000 12.00% 13.50% ₹3,499
<35000 13.50% 14.50% ₹3,499
CAT GA, GB, GC, CAT RA, RB, RC, CAT GO, RO, CAT GD, GE, GF, CAT GP, CAT PEN >=100000 11.50% 11.75% ₹4,999
>=75000 to 100000 12.25% 12.50% ₹4,999
>=50000 to 75000 12.35% 12.60% ₹4,999
>=35000 to 50000 13.25% 13.50% ₹3,499
<35000 14.00% 14.50% ₹3,499

Special Pricing Offers are limited Period Offers

Segment Loan Amount CIBIL Score >730 CIBIL Score <=730, No Hit PF
Loan Amount Minimum LA>=10Lakh LA 15L &+ 10.75% 11.00% ₹4,999
LA 10L - 15L 11.00% 11.25% ₹4,999

HDFC Personal Loan Balance Transfer Interest Rate

Program Loan Amount Transferred Income IRR Processing Fee (of the loan amount)
All Balance Transfer (including application through loan assist App) >=0.50 Lakh (based on NTH Grids) NTH>=35k 11.99% INR 4,999
All Balance Transfer (including application through loan assist App) >=0.50 Lakh (based on NTH Grids) NTH<35k 13.25% INR 3,999
All Balance Transfer (including application through loan assist App) >=0.50 Lakh (based on NTH Grids) NTH>=50K 11.49% INR 4,999

HDFC Bank Personal Loan Balance Transfer Offers

  • You can reduce your EMIs by transferring existing personal loan to HDFC bank.
  • Interest rate for balance transfer schemes starts from as low as 10.75%*.
  • Lowest processing fees of just Rs.1999/- is applicable.

Eligibility Criteria for HDFC Bank Personal Loan

Age of Applicant Min-21 years ; Max-60 years.
No. of years in employment 2 years & above
Current Experience Individuals who have had a job for at least 2 years, with a minimum of 1 year with the current employer
Net Monthly Income Those who earn a minimum of ₹ 25,000 net income per month (₹ 25,000 in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Cochin).

HDFC Personal Loan EMI Calculator

To figure out how much emi for the loan amount you have to pay for; you can use this personal loan emi calculator tool. For calculate you can just enter your loan amount, interest rate & tenure repayment period.

Check HDFC Personal Loan EMI Calculator Tool

For Example: assume you taken a loan amount of various loan amount for various years @ different rate of interest than your loan calculations are as below:

Loan Amount ROI Repayment Monthly EMI
1,00,000 12.50% 3 year ₹ 3,345
2,00,000 14.00% 4 year ₹ 5,465
3,00,000 15.00% 4 year ₹ 8,349
4,00,000 11.00% 5 year ₹ 8,697
5,00,000 12.00% 5 year ₹ 11,122

Documents Required for HDFC Bank Personal Loan

Identity Proof Passport/ driving license/PAN card/ Photo credit card (with embossed Signature and last two months statement)/ banker’s sign verification
Age Proof PAN Card/ Passport/ Driving Licence/ School leaving certificate/ Voter’s card/ BirthCertificate/ LIC policy (only for age Proof).
Address Proof Passport/ Telephone bill (BSNL/MTNL)/ Electricity bill/ Title deed of property/Rental agreement/ Driving license/ Election ID card/ Photo-credit card (with last two month statements)
Income Proof Two latest salary slip/current dated salary certificate with the latest Form 16
Job Continuity Proof Form 16/relieving letter/appointment Letter (for last two months)
Banking History Bank statements of previous 3 months/ 6 months bank passbook

HDFC Bank Personal Loan Turn Around Time

Salary below Rs. 75,000 5 - 7 working .
Salary above Rs. 75,000 working days (48 hours)

Salary available for making EMI’s

Upto Rs. 25,000 p.m 35% of salary is considered
Bet Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 50,000 p.m. 40% of salary is considered
Above Rs. 50,000 p.m 45% - 50% of salary is considered

HDFC Bank Personal Loan Part Payment Facility

  • Part-payment will be allowed subject to loan tenure of 12 EMIs being completed i.e. Post 12 EMIs
  • Part payment will be allowed maximum twice during the entire tenure of the loan
  • Part payment is allowed only once a year.
  • At any point of time, each part payment will not exceed 25% of Principal Outstanding.
  • Use Part Payment Calculator for Personal Loan, to know how much you can save.

Check HDFC Bank Personal Loan Status of Application / Loan Query

You can check your personal loan status in HDFC Bank, via these methods which are mentioned or illustrated here: check your HDFC Personal Loan application status here

Kindly enter the details as provided in the Loan Application Form.

  • Applicant Name or Reference / Proposal Number
  • Date of Birth or Mobile Number

HDFC Bank Personal Loan Frequently Asked Questions:

How is Personal Loan eligibility calculated?
Personal Loan eligibility calculation uses six factors to determine your eligibility, they are:
  • Geographic location
  • Monthly Income
  • Ownership of property.
  • Existing credit.
  • Employer.
  • Credit history.
You can also Personal Loan eligibility calculators online for the calculation.

How do I qualify for Personal Loan eligibility?
To qualify for a Personal Loan at HDFC Bank, you must meet these criteria.
  1. You need to be an employee of a private limited company or an employee in a public sector undertakings, including central, state and local bodies.
  2. You need to be between the ages of 21-60 years.
  3. You need to have a job for at least two years, with a minimum of 1 year with your current employer.
  4. You need to have a net income of 25,000 per month.
What is the minimum salary for a Personal Loan?
The minimum salary is 25, 000 per month.

What is the age criteria to get a Personal Loan?
To be eligible for a Personal Loan, you must be between the ages of 21 to 60.

What is the Minimum Credit Score to apply for a Personal Loan?
Bank requires a minimum credit score of 650 to be eligible for Personal Loans. The credit score can vary from bank to bank.

What are the factors that affect the eligibility of a Personal Loan?
The factors that affect the eligibility of Personal Loans are
  1. CIBIL Score – A CIBIL score above 720 is ideal for Personal Loans.
  2. Income – It plays a vital role in the approval of the loan amount.
  3. Repayment history- If you have a good track record of repayment with previous loans, approval of the loan is faster and easier.
How to improve Personal Loan eligibility?
The best way to improve your Personal Loan eligibility is by maintaining a healthy repayment history.

Are self-employed individuals eligible for a Personal Loan?
Yes, self-employed individuals are eligible for a Personal Loan.

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