Best Investment options with High Returns 2018


Everyone wish to have a shining future. And it’s true that your future depends on your savings and asset management skills. Your portfolio should ensure you high yield from your hard earned money at time of your expectation. Nobody wants to lose their money putting in wrong place. You should do a thorough study before investing money or deciding where to invest. The rate of returns from your money is directly related to risk you are willing to take. You should optimize your risk and find out which is the best investment option for you. Here is a list of options which yields more on your money.

  • Stock market– For investing in stock market one should be prepared to assume risk equivalent to sum invested in the market. Investing in share market yields higher profits. Influenced by unanticipated turn of market events, stock market to some extent cannot be considered as the safest investment options. However, to accrue higher gains, an investor must update himself on the recent stock market news. Foreign and information technology industry yields higher returns compared to other industries but risk involved in these shares is also very high. If you are conservative on your money, invest in gradually growing industries like PSUs, Oil and gas industries etc.
  • Investments in Mutual Funds– Mutual Fund firms accumulate cash from willing investors and invest it in share market. Like stock market, mutual fund investment are also entitled for various market risks but with a fair share of profits. The money is invested in diversified capital market instruments such as equity shares, debentures and other securities by Asset Management Companies.
  1. Investing in Gold- There are many of options for gold investment like, buying jewels, coins, gold bars, gold exchange traded funds, world gold council coins etc. Gold will yield higher returns on your investments if you buy at lower prices and sell at higher. Investing in gold will be advised when the markets are falling and when inflation is high. Gold is less risky compared to stocks. Gold can be considered as best way to invest money as a long term investment.
  2. Real Estate – Investing money on properties proves to be more beneficial on a long term. Risk involved in properties is very less compared to other options. Price of land generally doesn’t decline and grows exponentially depending on locality. It is more rewarding than in any other investment options. Before buying properties check market price and future development expectations in that locality.
  3. Security Bonds- Security bonds are another best investment plans. These bonds are issued by governments, government agencies or by a private corporate. You can get back your money after maturity period completes. You will also get interest which is paid monthly or yearly. Interest rate depends on maturity period and money you invested.


  • Investments in Insurance policies- In today’s time, Insurance features among the best investment alternative as it offers services to indemnify your life, assets and money besides providing satisfactory and risk free profits. Indian Insurance Market offers various investment options with reasonably priced premium. Some of the popular Insurance policies in India are Home Insurance policies, Life Insurance policies, Health Insurance policies and Car Insurance policies. Some top Insurance firm in India under whom you can buy insurance scheme are LIC, SBI Life, ICICI Prudential, Bajaj Allianz, Birla Sunlife, HDFC Standard Life, Reliance Life, Max NewYork Life, Metlife, Tata AIG, Kotak Mahindra Life, ING Life Insurance, etc.