List of GST Tax Rates 2024- Updated GST Tax Slab in India जीएसटी टैक्स स्लैब दरें सूची

GST Rate in India: Here are the tax rates for all goods and services. GST Rates in India 2024 (Item Wise GST List PDF) GST tax slabs range from 0% (Nil ) to 31%. ✓ Tax Exemptions under GST 2024 ✓ GST Bill ✓ Goods and Services tax ✓ Act ✓ GST calculator ✓ GST Features.

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Last Updated as on 01 January 2024:

  • GST Rate of 12% applicable on Hostel, PG Accommodations: AAR
  • Online gaming industry seeks review of 28% GST in open letter.
  • A tax at the uniform rate of 28 percent on online gaming, horse racing, and casinos.

Income Tax Slabs FY 2024-25

New Income Tax Slabs as per Union Budget 2024:

Income Tax Slab
Income Tax Rates Applicable for FY 2024-25 as per the new regime for HUF and all Individuals
<₹ 3,00,000 No Tax
₹ 3,00,001 to ₹ 6,00,000 5%
₹ 6,00,001 to ₹ 9,00,000 10%
₹ 9,00,001 to ₹ 12,00,000 15%
₹ 12,00,001 to ₹ 15,00,000 20%
>₹ 15,00,000 30%

In New GST Changes, 28% Tax Only For 50 Items Now: Daily use items like shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, shaving-cream, aftershave lotion, shoe polish, chocolate, chewing gums and nutritious drinks would become cheaper. Lowering tax rates on food served in air-conditioned restaurants to 12 per cent, down from 18 per cent.

  • Service providers with turnover up to Rs.20 lakh need not register even if making interstate supplies.
  • More time for filling returns for those under composition scheme.
  • Refunds to be released every month
  • E-wallet facility by APR
  • No Tax on duty free scrips
  • Merchant exporters need to pay 0.1% tax on domestic goods procurement.
  • E-way bill to be rolled out from 1 April, 2018
  • A committee to review the levy on restaurants.

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GST Tax Slab Rates List 2024: 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%. Taxes to be subsumed under GST are Excise Duty, Service Tax, Central Sales Tax, Surcharge & Fees, VAT, Taxes on Lottery, Luxury Tax, Entry Tax, Entertainment Tax (These are the parts of Central Tax & State Tax). Category wise products GST Rates List updated (Click Here).

Updated New GST Rates as on January 2024

The goods on which GST has been lowered to 18 per cent from 28 per cent at present include pulleys, transmission shafts and cranks, gear boxes, retreaded or used tyres, power banks of lithium ion batteries, digital cameras, video camera recorders and video game consoles.

Content Updated as on 01 January 2024

Good & Services From To
Hotel rooms up to Rs.1000 / Day 0% 12%
Non – ICU Hospital room rent over Rs.5000/Day/patient 0% 5%
Packed, unbranded food items, rice etc 0% 5%
Pre-packed, pre labbeled curd, lassi & Butter milk, papad, gur, pickles 0% 5%
Cheques 0% 18%
Knives, Spoons, Forks & Ladles 12% 18%
LED Lamps & Lights 12% 18%
Water Pump, deep tube well turbine pumps, submersible pumps 12% 18%
Solar water heater and system 5% 12%
Dairy Machinery 12% 18%
Work contracts for roads, railways, metro, monuments, canals, dams, educational institutions & hospitals 12% 18%
Ostomy appliances 12% 5%
Orthopedic appliance for splints and fractures, intraocular lens 12% 5%
Transport of goods, passengers by ropeways 18% 5%
Renting of truck / goods carriage with fuel 18% 12%
Items OLD Tax Rate NEW Tax Rate
pulleys, transmission shafts and cranks, gear boxes, retreaded or used tyres, power banks of lithium ion batteries, digital cameras, video camera recorders and video game consoles 28% 18%
Monitors and TV screens up to 32 inches 28% 18%
third party insurance premium of goods carrying vehicles 18% 12%
Marble rubble, natural cork, walking stick, fly ash blocks 12% 5%
  • Air travel of pilgrims by non-scheduled/charter operations being facilitated by the government under bilateral arrangements will attract a lower GST rate of 5 per cent.
  • The Council has decided that 5 per cent would be levied on renewable energy devices and parts for their manufacture.
  • Services supplied by banks to Basic Savings Bank Deposit account holders under the Jan Dhan Yojana will not attract GST.

New GST Rates as on 2024

Items OLD Tax Rate NEW Tax Rate
refrigerators, lithium batteries, vacuum cleaners, grinders, mixers, food processors, water heaters, hair dryers, water coolers, ice cream freezers, scents, perfumes, powder puffs, cosmetics, and electric ironing machines 28% 18%
Sanitary napkins, Stone, marble and wooden deities, Rakhis without precious stones, brooms and commemorative coins , Fortified milk 5% NIL
Handloom items priced below Rs 1,000
Footwear priced below Rs 1,000
Jewellery boxes
Wooden photo frames
Stone art wear
Ornamental frame mirrors
Glass art ware
Aluminum art ware
Handmade carpets
12% 5%
Bamboo flooring
Hand-operated rubber rollers
Zip fasteners
18% 12%
All leather items 28% 18%

Updated New GST Rates 2024

Items OLD Tax Rate NEW Tax Rate
Second-hand medium and large cars and SUVs 28% 18%
LPG supply for household domestic consumers by private LPG distributers 18% 5%
Bio Fuels Powered buses 28% 18%
Sugar boiled confectionery 18% 12%
Drinking water packed in 20 litre bottle 18% 12%
Drip irrigation system 18% 12%
Cigarette filter rods 12% 18%
Tailoring Service 18% 5%
The admission to Theme parks, water parks etc. 28% 18%

GST Rates as January 2024

The GST council on Friday announced major cuts in taxes of 27 items along with a slew of relief measures to support exporters and small businesses. Here are some items that are set to get cheaper under GST:

Description Present GST Rate New GST Rate
Mangoes sliced dried 12% 5%
Khakra & plain chapati / roti 12% 5%
Packaged Food 18% 5%
Namkeens 12% 5%
Ayurvedic, Unani, Siddha, Homeopathy medicines 12% 5%
Poster Color 28% 18%
Modelling Paste for children amusement 28% 18%
Plastic Waste, Pairing & Scraps 18% 5%
Rubber Waste, Paring & Scrap 18% 5%
Hard Rubber Waste 28% 5%
Paper Waste & Scrap 12% 5%
Duty Credit scrips 5% Nil
Sewing thread of manmade filaments 18% 12%
All synthetic filament yarn, such as nylon, polyester, acrylic 18% 12%
All artificial filament yarn, such as viscose rayon, cuprammonium 18% 12%
Sewing thread for manmade staple fibres 18% 12%
Yarn of manmade staple fibres 18% 12%
Real Zari 12% 5%
Floor Tiles 28% 18%
Cullet or other waste of glass 18% 5%
Fittings for loose leaf binders, or files, letter clips, letter corners, paper clips, staple in strips, 28% 18%
Plain shaft bearing 8483 28% 18%
parts suitable for use solely or principally with fixed speed diesel engine of power not exceeding 15HP 28% 18%
parts for Pumps 28% 18%
E-waste 28% / 18% 5%
Biomass briquettes 18% 5%

Firms face ban for not passing on GST gains. HIGHLIGHTS = (1) The cancellation of registration is in addition to the power to levy penalty, (2) Tax practitioners said that cancellation of registration is too harsh, (3) The tax regime will get a mega launch on the night of June 30.

Impact of GST on Household Expenses

Category Before GST After GST
Food 12.5% 5.00%
Entertainment 30.00% 28.00%
Transportation 15.00% 18.00%
Household – Personal Care 28.00% 18.00%
Mobile Phone 15.00% 18.00%
Insurance Premium 15.00% 18.00%
Credit Card Bills 15.00% 18.00%


The fitment of rates of services were discussed on 19 May 2017 during the 14th GST Council meeting held at Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir. The Council has broadly approved the GST rates for services at Nil, 5%, 12%, 18% and 28% as listed below. The information is being uploaded immediately after the GST Council’s decision and it will be subject to further vetting during which the list may undergo some changes. The decisions of the GST Council are being communicated for general information and will be given effect to through gazette notifications which shall have force of law.

New GST Rates are applicable in all over India – New Delhi, Haryana, Assam, Mizoram, Nagaland, Manipur, West Bengal, Uttrakhand, Rajasthan, Himchal Pradesh, Punjab, Maharashtra, Kerala, Telangana, Tamilnadu, Odisha, Kanyakumari, Goa, Chandigarh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Andhra pradesh, Meghalaya. Tripura, Chattishgarh and Madhya Pradesh. Only Jammu kashmir are exempt.

Description of Services
GST RATE with ITC of input services
Transport of goods by rail 5%
Transport of passengers by rail (other than sleeper class) 5%
Services of goods transport agency (GTA) in relation to transportation of goods [other than used household goods for personal use] 5% No ITC
Services of goods transport agency in relation to transportation of used household goods for personal use. 5% No ITC
Transport of goods in a vessel including services provided or agreed to be provided by a person located in non-taxable territory to a person located in non-taxable territory by way of transportation of goods by a vessel from a place outside India up to the customs station of clearance in India 5%
Renting of motorcab (If fuel cost is borne by the service recipient, then 18% GST will apply) 5% No ITC
Transport of passengers, by-

(i) Air conditioned contract/stage carriage other than motorcab

(ii) A radio taxi / normal taxi service

5% No ITC
Transport of passengers by air in economy class 5% with ITC of input services
Transport of passengers, with or without accompanied belongings, by air, embarking from or terminating in a Regional Connectivity Scheme Airport. 5%
Supply of tour operators’ services 5% No ITC
Leasing of aircrafts under Schedule II [5 (f)] by a scheduled airlines for scheduled operations 5% with ITC of input services
Selling of space for advertisement in print media 5%
Services by way of job work in relation to printing of newspapers 5%
Transport of goods in containers by rail by any person other than Indian Railways 12%
Transport of passengers by air in other than economy class 12%
Supply of Food/drinks in restaurant not having facility of air-conditioning or central heating at any time during the year and not having licence to serve liquor. 12%
Renting of hotels, inns, guest houses, clubs, campsites or other commercial places meant for residential or lodging purposes having room tariff Rs.1000 and above but less than Rs.2500 per room per day 12%
Services provided by foreman of chit fund in relation to chit 12% with ITC of input services
Construction of a complex, building, civil structure or a part thereof, intended for sale to a buyer, wholly or partly. [The value of land is included in the amount charged from the service recipient] 12% With Full ITC but no refund of overflow of ITC
Temporary transfer or permitting the use or enjoyment of any Intellectual Property (IP) to attract the same rate as in respect of permanent transfer of IP 12%
Supply of Food/drinks in restaurant having licence to serve liquor 18%
Supply of Food/drinks in restaurant having facility of air-conditioning or central heating at any time during the year 18%
Supply of Food/drinks in outdoor catering 18%
Renting of hotels, inns, guest houses, clubs, campsites or other commercial places meant for residential or lodging purposes where room tariff of Rs 2500/ and above but less than Rs 5000/- per room per day 18%
Bundled service by way of supply of food or any other article of human consumption or any drink, in a premises (including hotel, convention center, club, pandal, shamiana or any other place, specially arranged for organizing a function) together with renting of such premises 18%
Services by way of admission or access to circus, Indian classical dance including folk dance, theatrical performance, drama 18%
Composite supply of Works contract as defined in clause 119 of section 2 of CGST Act 18%
Services by way of admission to entertainment events or access to amusement facilities including exhibition of cinematograph films, theme parks, water parks, joy rides, merry-go rounds, go-carting, casinos, race-course, ballet, any sporting event such as IPL and the like 28%
Services provided by a race club by way of totalizator or a licensed bookmaker in such club 28%
Gambling 28%
Supply of Food/drinks in air-conditioned restaurant in 5-star or above rated Hotel 28%
Accommodation in hotels including 5 star and above rated hotels, inns, guest houses, clubs, campsites or other commercial places meant for residential or lodging purposes, where room rent is Rs 5000/- and above per night per room 28%
Transfer of the right to use any goods for any purpose (whether or not for a specified period) for cash, deferred payment or other valuable consideration (supply of service) to attract the same GST rate and compensation cess as applicable on supply of similar goods which involves any transfer of title in goods (supply of goods) GST and compensation cess as on supply of similar goods
Any transfer of right in goods or of undivided share in goods without the transfer of title thereof (supply of services) to attract the same GST rate and compensation cess as applicable on supply of similar goods which involves any transfer of title in goods (supply of goods). GST and compensation cess as on supply of similar goods
Supply consisting of transfer of title in goods under an agreement which stipulates that property in goods shall pass at a future date upon payment of full consideration as agreed (supply of goods): value of leasing services shall be included in the value of goods supplied. GST and compensation cess as on supply of similar goods
All other services not specified elsewhere 18%


Milk, cereals, fruits, vegetable, jaggery (gur), food grains, rice and wheat, spices, tea, coffee, sugar, vegetable/ mustard oil, newsprint, coal and Indian sweets, Silk and jute fibre Nil
Gold, Silver and Processed Diamonds 3%
Railway freight, Pharma (Life saving drugs), Footwear up to Rs. 500, Cotton and natural fibre 5%
Packaged foods like pickles, tomato sauce, mustard sauce and fruit preserves, Ayurvedic and homeopathy medicines, Processed foods, Fruit juices, live animals, meats, butter & cheese, Mobile phones, Ready-made garments 12%
Footwear above Rs. 500, hair oil, soaps, toothpaste and shampoos, chemical and industrial use intermediaries, LPG stoves, military weapons, electronic toys, Pastries, cakes, pasta, ice creams, soups, Man made fibre and yarn 18%
White and brown goods like TV, refrigerator, AC, washing machines, microwave ovens, soft drinks and aerated beverages, Cement, Perfumes, revolver, pistols, Chocolates, chewing gum, waffles containing chocolate 28%
Luxury and de-merits goods and sin category items e.g. tobacco, pan masala 28% + Cess
Small cars – petrol driven 28% + 1% cess
Small cars – diesel driven 28% + 5% cess
Cigarettes 28% + 5% cess
Luxury cars 28% + 15% cess
Heavy bikes, Luxury yachts, private jets 31%

Service Tax Exemptions to be continued in GST as decided by GST Council

  1. Services by Government or a local authority excluding the following services—
  2. Services by the Department of Posts by way of speed post, express parcel post, life insurance, and agency services provided to a person other than Government.
  3. Services in relation to an aircraft or a vessel, inside or outside the precincts of a port or an airport.
  4. Transport of goods or passengers.
  5. Any service, other than services covered under clauses (i) to (iii) above, provided to business entities.
  6. Services by the Reserve Bank of India.
  7. Services by a foreign diplomatic mission located in India.
  8. Services relating to cultivation of plants and rearing of all life forms of animals, except the rearing of horses, for food, fibre, fuel, raw material or other similar products.
  9. Service by way of access to a road or a bridge on payment of toll charges.
  10. Transmission or distribution of electricity by an electricity transmission or distribution utility.
  11. Services by way of renting of residential dwelling for use as residence.
  12. Services by a veterinary clinic in relation to health care of animals or birds.
  13. Services by an entity registered under section 12AA of the Income tax Act, 1961 (43 of 1961) by way of charitable activities, Charitable activities may be defined as presently in notification No 25/2012-ST.
  14. Services provided by a tour operator to a foreign tourist in relation to a tour conducted wholly outside India.
  15. Services by way of public conveniences such as provision of facilities of bathroom, washrooms, lavatories, urinal or toilets.
  16. Services by way of pre-conditioning, pre-cooling, ripening, waxing, retail packing, labelling of fruits and vegetables which do not change or alter the essential characteristics of the said fruits or vegetables.
  17. Services provided by Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) to persons governed under the Employees Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952 (19 of 1952).

GST Return Filing Details

Return for the Month Form GSTR-1 Form GSTR-2 Form GSTR-3
July 2017 5 August 10 August 15 August
August 2017 20 October 25 October 30 October

Guide to filing GST returns

Those who need not bother at all about the details

Nearly 80 per cent of all businesses will either not have to file any return or just once in three months. Yes, that’s all.
a) Those with a turnover below Rs 20 lakh need not file any return. Their life will not change at all after July 1.
b) If your turnover is more than Rs 20 lakh and below Rs 75 lakh, you can plain ignore all the details. Why? Because you need to file just one return in three months —yes, just four returns in a year. And you need not give any details of invoices. If you opt for the composition scheme, you will deposit a lumpsum amount in tax without giving too many details to the government. You need to disclose just the total turnover.

Auto Industry Prices after GST 2024

Vehicle Current Price New Price
Mercedes GLS 350 83 L 80 L
Mercedes E Class 55.7 – 69 L 53.7 – 67 L
Toyota Fortuner 26.6 – 31.9 L 24.5 – 29.8 L
Toyota Innova Crysta 14.2 – 21.4 L 13.3 – 20.5 L
Hyundai Creata 9.3 – 14.6 L 8.9 – 14 L
Hero Super Splendor 55.6 K 53 K
Triumph Street Twin 7 L 7.15 L
Honda Activa 48.3 K 44.9 K
Royal Enfield 350 1.34 L 1.35 L
Royal Enfield 500 1.71 L 1.75 L

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