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Muthoot Smart Plus Gold Loan: Muthoot offers Gold loan with low EMI, Less Documents and Low Interest Rates for Smart plus Gold Loan.

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Muthoot Smart Plus Gold Loan Benefits

Muthoot Smart Plus Gold Loan Documents

  • The benefit of paying back in Equated Monthly Instalments
  • The EMI is apportioned such that the larger amount goes toward repaying the principal
  • No foreclosure charges
  • Part release and repledge is allowed
  • Rebates on prompt payment
  • 0% processing fees
  • Pre-payment option-without any penalty
  • Loan disbursal in 5 minutes
Original proof of identification. Any of the following are acceptable:

  • Passport
  • Govt of India election ID card with address proof
  • PAN card with address proof
  • Driver’s licence
  • Any departmental ID card


  • “SMART” 3 MINUTE GOLD LOAN Scheme is an innovative 3 Minute Gold Loan Scheme with the added benefit of repaying the loan in Equated Monthly Instalments.
  • Customers can choose any tenure of 6,12,24 and 36 months
  • Can be offered to all customers but will be most beneficial to the salaried class.
  • The interest rate effectively works out to 13.47% only for a 12 months Scheme.
  • Loan up to 90% of the total value of gold is granted.
  • No additional documentation or charges are taken for availing loan.
  • Unlike banks, there are no security cheques to be given and no advance EMI collected.
  • Repayment of instalments can be done from any branch

Interest Rates Charged By Muthoot Finance:

Gold Loan Schemes

Scheme Slab Period/s Rate of Interest
Super Loan 12 months 24% p.a.
Easy Loan 6 / 12 months 23% /24 % p.a.
Xpress Loan 9 / 12 months 21% / 24% p.a.
Realvalue Loan 6 / 12 months 20% / 23% p.a.
Truevalue Loan 3 /6 /12 months 15% / 18% /21% p.a.
Gold Loan Overdraft NA 20%
Gold Loan Installment Scheme 6 / 9 / 12 / 15 months 14% / 14.5% / 15% / 16.75 p.a.
Gold Loan Installment Scheme 18 / 21 / 24 months 17% / 17.25% / 17.5% p.a.
Fair value Loan 3/ 6/ above 6 months 17% p.a./ 20% p.a. / 24% p.a.

Key features and Benefits of Smart Plus Gold Loan

  • Loan can be pre-closed any time without any pre-closure charges and calculation of interest will be similar to normal Gold Loan Scheme.
  • Grace period of 3 days is allowed for EMI remittance.
  • For default in repayment, penal charges at the rate of 2% for the first month and 3% for the next 5 months are applicable.
  • A continuous 6 months default in repayment will result in auction of pledged ornaments.
  • The EMI amount received is apportioned in such a manner that the larger amount goes into repayment of the principal every month
  • Principal amount is also getting repaid while servicing the interest, thereby reducing the balance outstanding.
  • Part Release is allowed by doing Re-Pledge with new EMI Schedule.
  • A rebate of 2% is given for prompt repayment, payable at the end of the tenure of the loan.

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