DHFL Swayamsidha Fixed Deposit Scheme for Women

Swayamsidha Fixed deposit Scheme: DHFL’s Fixed Deposit Scheme for Women, with high returns, safety and liquidity

DHFL has specially designed a fixed deposit scheme for Indian women. Named ‘Swayamsidha’, this fixed deposit scheme provides Indian women with a higher rate of interest, of 10.00% for a period of 500 days, along with a free insurance cover for `1 lakh. In addition, Swayamsidha offers a high yield of upto 11.01%. An additional rate of 0.50% can be availed by privileged* women customers and senior citizens under the same scheme.

DHFL Fixed Deposits are rated AA+ FD by CARE and BWR FAAA by Brickworks and assure high safety and excellent credit quality and can be availed from any DHFL office present across 447 locations in the country. Swayamsidha FDs is available with a minimum investment of `10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand Only).


Indicates High Quality by all Standards & High Investment Safety


Indicates Excellent Credit Quality & High Investment Safety


  • Additional 0.50% for women senior citizens
  • Tenure: 500 days
  • Facility for Loan against Deposits
  • Free Accident Insurance cover of ` 1,00,000/- for first depositor

Scheme Details:

Cumulative Scheme
ROI (%) p.a. Privilege Customer
Period in Days Int. Rate in % Annual Yield in % Int. Rate in % Annual Yield in %
500 10.00 10.46 10.50 11.01
Minimum deposit ` 10,000/-
Additional deposit in multiple of ` 1,000/-
Non Cumulative Scheme
Period in Days Rate of Interest % Privilege Customer
Yearly Half Yearly Quarterly Monthly Yearly Half Yearly Quarterly Monthly
500 10.25 10.00 9.88 9.80 10.75 10.50 10.38 10.30
Minimum deposit for monthly interest plan is ` 20,000/-
Minimum deposit for others ` 10,000/-
Amount of over the minimum will be in multiples of ` 1,000/-

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Call toll free – 1800 22 3435 or SMS ‘DHFL’ to 56677 *Conditions apply.