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Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan

A Bajaj Finance Flexi Loan Scheme / Account is a unique and innovative offering. It allows you to manage your cash flow more effectively and save interest smartly.

Enjoy A unique set of benefits with Flexi Loan:

Flexibility to transact (prepay and drawdown) in your loan account as per your cash flow requirements.

Maximise savings by paying interest only on the utilised amount.

Convenience to trasact in your loan account through an integrated web based platform with no manual intervention.

First Pre-payment can be made within 36 hours of loan disbursement.

No limit to the number of pre-payments that can be made in a day.

0% Part Payment Charges

After opening a flexi loan account, you are provided with a virtual account number in which you can make RTGS transfer of surplus funds as pre-payment and withdraw the surplus as per your business requirement.

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See an illustration example of how you can save Rs.42,174 when you take a flexi loan compared to a term personal loan.

Flexi Loan Account Repayment Normal Term loan Repayment
Loan Amount 500000 500000
ROI 15.25% 14.00%
Tenor 48 48
Part Prepayment (3rd Month) 300000 Nil
Withdrawal (3rd month) 100000 Nil
Part Pre Payment (15th month) 300000 Nil
Withdrawal (20th Month) 150000 Nil
Total Interest Paid 113661 155835


Interest Saved


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