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About Reliance Mutual Fund:

List of Equity Mutual Funds of Reliance

Equities potentially can offer one of the high returns among comparable investment options and are ideal for investors with commensurate risk appetite & long term time investment horizon. From an Indian context, Equities have been one of the best performing asset class over the last few years.

Top Performing Reliance Mutual Funds 2019

Fund Fund Rating AUM (Rs Cr) Launch Since Launch 1-Year (%) 3-Year (%) 5-Year (%) SIPRet 1-Year (%) SIPRet 3-Year (%) SIPRet 5-Year (%)
Reliance Small Cap Direct-D **** 3717.71 01/13 31.48 40.84 29.73 33.29 24.15
Reliance Small Cap Direct-G **** 3717.71 01/13 31.48 40.84 29.73 33.29 24.15
Reliance Small Cap-D *** 3717.71 09/10 20.73 39.24 28.48 32.33 31.78 22.89 32.70
Reliance Small Cap-G *** 3717.71 09/10 20.73 39.24 28.48 32.33 31.78 22.89 32.70

List of Reliance Mutual Funds available in 2019

Reliance Vision Fund Reliance Top 200 Fund
Reliance Quant Plus Fund Reliance NRI Equity Fund
Reliance Focused Large Cap Fund Reliance Index Fund – Nifty plan
Reliance Index Fund – Sensex Plan Reliance Growth Fund
Reliance Mid & Small Cap Fund Reliance Small Cap Fund
Reliance Regular Savings Fund – Equity option Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund
Reliance Banking Fund Reliance Diversified Power sector Fund
Reliance Pharma Fund Reliance Media & Entertainment Fund
Reliance Tax Saver (ELSS) Fund Reliance ETF Nifty 100 (formerly known as R*Shares CNX 100 ETF)
Reliance ETF Dividend Opportunities Reliance ETF Consumption
Reliance Regular Savings Fund – Balanced option Reliance Arbitrage Advantage Fund
Reliance Japan Equity Fund Reliance ETF Sensex
Reliance Equity Savings Fund Reliance ETF NV20
Reliance US Equity Opportunities Fund Reliance ETF Long Term Gilt
CPSE-ETF Reliance ETF Gold BeES
Reliance ETF Bank BeES Reliance ETF PSU Bank BeES
Reliance ETF Shariah BeES Reliance ETF Infra BeES
Reliance ETF Junior BeES Reliance ETF Hang Seng BeES
Reliance ETF Liquid BeES Reliance ETF Nifty BeES

List of Debt Mutual Funds of Reliance

Reliance Floating Rate Fund – Short Term Plan Reliance Money Manager Fund
Reliance Medium Term Fund Reliance Short Term Fund
Reliance Regular Savings Fund – Debt option Reliance Income Fund
Reliance Dynamic Bond Fund Reliance Gilt Securities Fund
Reliance Monthly Income Plan Reliance Corporate Bond fund
Reliance Banking & PSU Debt Fund


List of Liquid Mutual Funds of Reliance

  1. Reliance Liquidity Fund – An Open Ended Liquid Scheme – Growth Plan Growth Option
  2. Reliance Liquid Fund – Cash Plan An Open Ended Liquid Scheme – Growth Option – Growth Plan
  3. Reliance Liquid Fund – Treasury Plan – An Open Ended Liquid Scheme – Growth Plan – Growth Option

List of Gold Mutual Funds of Reliance

  1. Reliance Gold Savings Fund – An Open Ended Fund of Fund Scheme – Growth Plan Growth Option


Customer Care Number / Helpline Number of Reliance Mutual Funds = 1800 300 11111


DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR e-KYC – Reliance Mutual Funds?

The list of documents required to be scanned and uploaded for completing the E-KYC compliance process are as follows:

  • Online Application Form
  • Documents showing proof of identity (PAN Card) and proof of address
  • Recent Photograph


  • KYC is a one-time process.
  • KYC is mandatory.
  • Non-compliance with KYC can lead to rejection of Purchases / Additional Purchases / SIP Registrations / SIP Renewals


e-KYC enables to complete KYC process online with direct authorization of clients. The key objective of e-KYC is to reduce turnaround time and paper work. Reliance Mutual allows you to complete your KYC formalities completely online real time. Investors not only can complete the e-KYC real-time, but also can make the first purchase same time.


  1. You can use reliance website to transact with us 24X7. The website is simple and easy to use enabling you to complete a host of transactions online.
  2. Key benefits
  3. All you need is a PAN to start investing
  4. Existing investors can even login using their Gmail
  5. Purchase in just 3 simple steps
  6. Multiple online payment options, such as, debit card with ATM PIN, net banking, NEFT, RTGS, Interbank Mobile Payment Service (IMPS) and One Time Bank Mandate
  7. Many services like purchase, track your transaction etc are available even without registering
  8. Live chat and call back to assist you at all times
  9. Use our “Learn and invest” section to know about our schemes and facilities and invest.

Other Options are

  1. Mobile Application
  2. SMS
  3. Call Centre / Helpline Number
  4. Through online Stock Exchange Platform
  5. Through Online Application form