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SBI Career Loan provides you a loan scheme for pursuing Airhostess Training Course in the form of Personal Loan secured by Mortgage of Immovable Property/Govt.Securities, Public Sector Bonds, NSCs,  KVPs RBI Relief Bonds Bank’s TDR LIC Policies etc.

Do you want Airhostess Training courses in India and abroad,from institutes recognized by the Ministry of Civil Aviation/DGCA,then you can avail SBI Career Loan from SBI Bank.

Name of the Scheme: SBI Career Loan


You are eligible if you are willing to undertake a course for Airhostess Training courses in India

and abroad from institutes recognized by the Ministry of Civil Aviation/ DGCA.

Age –

  • (i) Applicant – Minimum 18 years
  • (ii) Co-borrower – Maximum 60 years

Quantum of loan – Maximum of Rs.20.00 lacs

Nature of facility – Term Loans with the applicant and parent/guardian/spouse as co-borrowers


  • 36 months in Equated Monthly Installments with maximum moratorium one year after completion of the course for start of repayment.
  • No penal charges would be levied in case of early repayment of loan.

Processing fee – 0.50% of the loan amount


Sl.No. Type of Security Margin
1. Land/Building 20%
2. Govt.Securities/Public Sector Bonds, NSCs, KVPs,Bank’s Deposits, RBI Relief Bonds etc. 10% on the Face value of the Security
3. LIC Policies 10% margin on Surrender value of LIC Policies

SBI Career Loan interest rates –

Type of Security Rate of Interest*
Land/Building 4.50% above Base Rate, currently 14.50% p.a.
Bank’s TDRs/STDRs 1.00% above the rate of interest payable on deposits
Govt. Securities/Public Sector Bonds/NSCs/ KVPs/RBI Relief Bonds, LIC Policy 4.25% above Base Rate , currently 14.25% p.a.

(In case interest is paid during the course period a rebate of 0.50% will be admissible, only during the moratorium period)

Source: State Bank of India Website