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Housing for all 2022 PM Scheme: In this scheme Govt provided 6 Lakh Housing – 2 Lakh Urban areas & 4 lakh in rural areas. Urban Housing Shortage As per Estimates by Technical Group Housing Shortage is 18.78 million in 2012.

The Factors of Shortage are – Congestion (14.99 million) – Obsolescent (2.27 million) – Katcha Houses (0.99 million) – Homeless Households (0.53 million) More than 95% shortage is for EWS/LIG houses EWS (10.55 million ) – LIG (7.44 million ) – MIG and above (0.82 million)

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Housing Shortage going up because of Increased Urbanization and Migration

Other Indicator of Housing Shortage is Slum Population • As per Census 2011, Slum Households are 13.75 million, up from 10.2 million in 2001 • Growth in 10 years of Slum Households is 36.5% and of Slum Population is 25.1%, whereas of Urban Households is 44.9% and Urban Population is 32% • Slums are Categorised into – Notified (4.97 million households) – Recognised (3.79 million households) – Identified (4.99 million households) Distribution of Slums – Ten States accounts for 82% of slum population – 38.4% of Slum Population in 46 million plus Cities

Housing Shortage Distribution – Top 10 States

75% of the estimated housing shortage is concentrated in 10 States

  1. Gujarat, 0.99, 5%
  2. Karnataka, 1.02, 6%
  3. Madhya Pradesh, 1.1, 6%
  4. Rajasthan, 1.15, 6%
  5. Andhra Pradesh, 1.27, 7%
  6. Tamil Nadu, 1.25, 7%
  7. West Bengal, 1.33, 7%
  8. Maharashtra, 1.94, 10%
  9. Uttar Pradesh, 3.07, 16%

For More Information – Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana 2019

Strategy for Other Urban Poor – Affordable Housing with Private Partners

  • Sizeable Need from Urban Poor not living in slums
  • Future Migrants also Important Target Group
  • Such Households to be catered by Affordable Housing by Private Sector and State Boards.
  • Creation of Demand by Interest Subvention
  • Efforts Required to Augment Supply of Houses otherwise Prices will go up
  • Enhancing Supply of Urban Land
  • Extra FSI/TDR for Affordable Housing
  • Relaxation of Density Norms
  • Deemed NA Permission if land falls in Residential zone in Master Plan
  • Single Window Clearance for Building Permissions
  • Deemed layout and building permission for pre-approved designs
  • Improvement in Construction Technologies
  • Project Finance to Private Developers

Strategy – Rental Housing

  • Rental units/Dormitories through ULBs or Private Partner
  • If through ULBs or State Board, GoI one time support
  • ULBs/State can engage Private Developers to Provide and Maintain rental units for 15-20 years
  • ULB/State to pay Pre-decided Rent for Fixed Occupancy to Private Developer
  • ULB/State to Select Beneficiaries to live in these units and Collect Subsidized Rent from them
  • ULB/State to Provide Land or Extra FSI/TDR for such unit • Private Developer to be Selected through Transparent Bidding Process.

Strategy for Homeless and Destitute

Government Sponsored Rental Housing for Homeless and Destitute Provision of Night Shelter NGOs/Private Sector to help ULB in running those Homes/Shelters Convergence of other Govt Services in such units GoI may support with 60-75% Contribution

Resources for Mission Housing for All by 2022

  • Government Support Required for – to bridge the gap in Slum Redevelopment in PPP mode – Interest Subvention for Affordable Housing – Rental Housing and Housing for Destitute & Homeless
  • Difficult to Estimate the Required Resources at Present
  • Depend on outcome of Bidding of PPP Projects and need of Interest Subvention
  • Additional three crore houses at a average Cost of Rs. 7.5 lakh per house require Investment of Rs. 22.5 lakh crore.
  • Largely to be met by private entrepreneurs through Banks, Financial Institutions
  • At a rate of 20% , Central and State Governments expected to collect Rs. 4-5 lakh crores as Tax
  • Large Percentage of 13 million Slum Households to be Provided houses through Redevelopment of Slum Land
  • Slum Redevelopment in PPP mode will involve other Construction for Cross Subsidization
  • If Profit for Private Developer is 20%, then Additional Construction of almost 10 times of Value of Slum Houses.
  • More additional taxes to Central and State Governments to help fund Mission.
  • Escrow Account for Additional Tax is one of the suggested Mechanism
  • Alternatively seeing Constitutional and Administrative Complexity involved in escrowing it, Resources through Budgetary Support.

Mission Housing for all by 2022 Structure:

A Strong Mission required at Central, State Government and Big Cities – Housing for all by 2022 Scheme

Mission to have four distinct components/wings – Slum Redevelopment – Affordable Housing through Interest Subvention – Rental Housing for Migrants – Housing for Urban Destitute and Homeless

  • Slum Redevelopment will require Experts on PPP and Finance
  • Integrated Finance Division be part of Mission
  • Existing Mission in Ministry to be strengthened
  • Project approvals at State Level for Slum Redevelopment, Rental Housing etc. to be considered Mission Way Forward States to sign MOU agreeing for Mandatory Conditions like
  • Development of slums through PPP mode
  • Granting Additional FSI/TDR for slums and Affordable Housing Projects
  • Single Window Clearance for Building and Lay Out Permission
  • Pre-approved Lay Out and Building Design for EWS/LIG Housing
  • Deemed NA Approval for Residential Zone in Master Plan
  • Different Planning Norms for Unauthorised colonies
  • Rationalising Rent Control Act
  • De-notification of Slums after improvement or redevelopment
  • Mission will start working with States signing MOU
  • Convergence with RD, UD & Power at ULB Level
  • Quick survey to ascertain quantum of shortage in the States

Formation of the State-Wise and City-Wise Action Plan with various components of Strategies

  • Assessment of the required resources by adopting various mix of solution
  • Allocating Budget resources available to States
  • Projects as per City Action Plan with available resources.
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