AMCO Bank | The Ahmedabad Mercantile Co-op Bank Ltd

The Ahmedabad Mercantile Co-op. Bank Ltd – AMCO Bank offers Services in Loans, Accounts, Term Deposit Accounts and Ancillary Services.

The Ahmedabad Mercantile Co-op. Bank Ltd., Established in the year 1966, popularly known as “AMCO BANK” started its banking activity under the leadership of Shri Mohanbhai C. Patel. The salient features which helped bank in acquiring a unique position amongst the co-operative banks in Ahmedabad are

Service with Smile- Fast & Accurate
Total Mechanisation- Computerisation & Upgradation
Speedy clearing of instruments between Mumbai & Ahmedabad
Free remittance facility between Ahmedabad & Mumbai through issue of D.D. at par
Introduction of services like customer terminal, single window service and telebanking
Acceptance of NRE deposits
Attractive interest rates on term deposits and most competitive interest rates on advances. Special rates for schematic lending.
Issue of out-station drafts & collection of cheques/ bills through agency arrangements with country’s leading Banks
Assured safety of deposits
Funds Transfer To and Fro through RTGS and NEFT on same day to any centre
Utility bill pay Service Through bill Desk
Life and General Insurance arrangement with Bajaj Alliance
All branches equipped with CCTV to arrest unwanted incidence

AMCO Bank products and Services:

  • Amco Bank Accounts
  • Amco Bank Term Deposit Accounts
  • Loans and Advances – The Bank finances various business/ manufacturing activities small scale industries, professionals and also to individuals for acquiring dwellings at very attractive terms and at most competitive interest rates.

Competitive and attractive loan schemes:

Government Securities Loan A Loan against government securities like RBI bonds, NSC, KVP, LIC policy etc. to meet various financial needs.

Hire Purchase Loan A Loan to purchase vehicles like scooter, motorbike, new car, old car and consumer durables like TV, Refrigerator, Washing machine, AC, Computer, etc.

Education Loan A Loan to help deserving students to meet expenditure for higher studies in India or abroad, covering tution fees, hostel fees and other expenses towards education material and travel.

Property Mortgage Loan/Overdraft A Loan against real estate (residential or business premises) to meet various financial needs.

Housing Loan A Loan for construction for purchase of new or old house/flat, for repairs and renovation in old house/flat and/or for other investments in real estate in form of additional house/flat or open land.

Ornament Loan A Loan to meet urgent and unexpected temporary financial needs.

Business Loan A Loan to start, develop or expand business and to meet day to day financial business needs.