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Bank of Maharashtra – Get Information on bank deposits, Internet banking, education loans, home loans. Bank of Maharashtra (public sector bank) in india provides a lot of facilities and other services.

Registered on 16-09-1935“Steadily to spread its business operations all over Maharashtra and as opportunity allows, outside that area offering varied services to the general public while trying to be useful to trade , commerce and industry consistently with high standards of safety and efficiency

Loan Schemes of Bank of Maharashtra:-

Education Loans

Personal Loans

Home Loans

Gold Loans Schemes

Topup Home Loans

Car loans

Gold Card Schemes

Housing Finance Schemes

Corporate Schemes

Deposit Schemes of Bank of Maharashtra:-

Saving Deposit

Yuva Yojna

Lok Bachat Yojna

Swasthya Yojna

NRI ordinary Account

NRI External Account

Current Account Scheme

Pearl, Sapphire & Diamond

Term Deposit Scheme


Interest Deposit Schemes

Millionaire Scheme

Lakhpati Scheme


Sheetal Jama Yojna

Other Services Offered By Banks are –

  • ATM Service
  • Credit Card
  • DEMAT Services
  • Mahabill pay & more….

Source: Bank of Maharashtra Website

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