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HDFC Bank Quick Car Loans: No Income-Document Loan Plan

No Income-Document Loan Plan: you can get a Car Loan without proof of income.

Under this scheme, you get the loan amount up to 60% of the car invoice value.
The tenure of loan can be a maximum of 3 years.

Quick Car Loans: 100% Loan Plan with Fixed Deposit Lien

100% Loan Plan with Fixed Deposit Lien: This allows you to take a loan against your deposit at HDFC Bank.

You can get a loan for 100% of the invoice value amount with the required margin placed as a fixed deposit in HDFC Bank.
Lien is marked on the specified deposit. Installments can be paid separately or out of the deposit (if deposit is large enough).

HDFC Bank Quick Car Loans: NRI Loans

NRI Loans

NRIs can avail of new car loans from HDFC Bank for the use of the vehicles by their relatives in India. Additional documents required are as follows:

Contract copy and salary slip of NRI.
Endorsement on passport for last 3 years.
Proof of ownership of property.
Post-dated cheques must be from the resident account of the borrower.

HDFC Bank Quick Car Loans: Past re-payment history

Past re-payment history

  • Plan for customers who have taken a car loan and have repaid that loan fully without any outstandings.
  • Credit approval on the basis of past re-payment record.

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