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Standard Chartered Home Saver Loan – Pay off your Home Loan in Less Time, Less Cost. HomeSaver is a unique home loan Plan/Scheme that enables you to pay the lowest amount of interest. In fact, with HomeSaver, you can pay off your home loan in 1/2 the time, 1/2 the cost!

Special Features of Home Saver Plan

  • Revolutionary home loan concept designed to help reduce the interest paid, and pay off the loan faster.
  • Deposit and withdraw your money (salary and other income) whenever you need, without any charges
  • Interest calculated on daily balance and applied monthly
  • Access your money whenever you need with free globally valid ATM-cum-Debit card

Home Loan applications received for rupees ₹ 419,027 crores till 05 December 2020

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Loan Amount

Annual Income


120,17,256 loan quotes taken till now.
Home loan Interest rates starts from 6.90% for women, 6.95% for Others.

Benefits of Home Saver Plan of Standard Chartered:

The table and graph below show how you can save on interest costs as well as shorten the tenure on your loan by opting for HomeSaver.

Particulars Normal Home Loan HomeSaver
Loan Amount 1000000 1000000
ROI 14% 14.25%
EMI (Rs.) 12435 12617
Loan Tenure (months) 240 240
Total interest Repaid (Rs.) 19,84,448 12,59,260
Actual repayment period (months) 240 168
Savings on Interest (Rs.) 725188
Tenure Reduced By (months) 72 months

Assumptions: Gross monthly post-tax income of Rs. 33,500; Monthly expenses of Rs. 20,000 The rates assumed above are just for demonstration purposes. The interest rate applicable on your loan would be as mentioned on your Sanction Letter.

Savings compared to normal Home Loan
Savings on Interest: 36.5% Reduction on Tenure: 30%

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Source: Standard Chartered Bank Website

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