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Get Home loans from Abhyudaya Bank: Details on interest rates, Documents, EMI, Eligibility & Calculator for EMI & Eligibility Quotes online.


  • Purchase of Flat (New or Resale)
  • Construction of House,
  • Extension to existing Flat / House
  • Takeover of Housing Loan from other Financial Institutions, etc.


  • Maximum amount of Rs. 70.00 Lakh.

Home Loan applications received for rupees ₹ 419,027 crores till 15 May 2021

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Loan Amount

Annual Income


120,17,256 loan quotes taken till now.
Home loan Interest rates starts from 6.90% for women, 6.95% for Others.


  • Any Individual (Businessman, Professional, Self- Employed, Salaried Person having Regular source of Income)
  • Property should be in the name of Applicant.
  • The Co-applicant is necessary for Housing Loans. Co-applicant will mainly be spouse or son or daughter or father or mother of the Principal Borrower and he/she may be an earning or non-earning member. In these cases the income of the Co-Applicant can be clubbed for calculation of eligible loan amount. In the absence of the above Co-applicants, Brother or Sister may be taken as Co-applicant, but their Income shall not be clubbed for calculation of eligible loan amount.
  • In case of joint Agreements in Housing Loans, the Purchasers (Owners) will be the Borrowers and hence there is no need for separate Co-Applicants.

Interest Rates on Abhyudaya Bank Home Loans:

Housing Loan sanctioned on after 01.09.2014 or already sanctioned of which first disbursement is made on or after 01.09.2014
a) Loans sanctioned upto & including Rs.25.00Lakh

b) Loans sanctioned above Rs.25.00 Lakh and including Rs.50.00 Lakh

c) Loans sanctioned above Rs.50.00 Lakh and upto Rs.70.00 Lakh.




A) Eligibility as per Agreement Value

Loan Amount Loan Eligibility
Up to Rs.15.00 Lakh 90% of the Agreement value
Above Rs.15.00 Lakh to Rs.20.00 Lakh 85% of the Agreement value
Above Rs.20.00 Lakh 80% of the Agreement value



B) Eligibility as per Repayment Capacity =Repayment capacity * 100000 / EMI for Rs.1,00,000/-.

Repayment Capacity = Net monthly Income – (Less) minimum Take home Pay – (Less) Other Loan deduction.

Minimum Take Home salary/ Income = 40% of the Net Income/ Salary p.m. Subject to Minimum of Rs.8000/- & Maximum of Rs.20,000/-

 Which ever is lower.

REPAYMENTUp to 20 years (240 months) including the period of moratorium or holiday period.
The moratorium or repayment holiday may be granted

A) at the option of the beneficiary
B) till Completion of construction or 18 months from the date of disbursement of first installment which ever is earlier.
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