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SBI Corporate Utility Card

Experience the new dimension of convenience to pay your company’s Utility Bills with your SBI Corporate Utility Card.
A simple, fast and secure online solution way to pay bills at your desk!

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Specific Benefits for the Organisation –

Managing employee and company’s utility bills was never so simple and convenient. The SBI Corporate Utility Card makes the entire process of bill payment incredibly simple with “Visa Bill Pay – Corporate”.

Spend Analysis

With VISA Intellilink Spend Management, your company can now control spends and hence, manage them better.

Smarter Expense Management :

This facility allows you to review the expenses incurred from service providers and have a greater control over costs. After category-wise tracking, you can use your buying leverage to negotiate better rates & terms with service providers like telecom, landline, insurance etc.

Faster Data Processing :

With this Visa Credit Card, you can track your organisation’s spending data day-to-day. It allows you to view and monitor cardholder transactions all around the world.

Flexible Reporting :

Visa IntelliLink features a userfriendly dashboard and interface, round-the-clock availability of information and real-time access to expense management.

Spend Category Control (SCC) :

SBI Corporate Utility Card has all merchant category codes as blocked except Utility merchants. This would allow greater control, better security and reduce the risk of fraud

EMV Cards :

Being EMV Cards, all SBI Corporate Utility Credit Cards provide enhanced security against counterfeiting and skimming.

24×7 Services :

Our dedicated Service Desk & Relationship Managers are there to assist and support the needs of your organization 24×7.

Global Acceptance :

The SBI Corporate Utility Credit Card is an international utility card and can be used across all Utility merchants in India.

e-Statements :

Now get your monthly statement delivered directly to your inbox. Say good bye to postal delay, lost statements, and late payments. There will be two statements generated in the same month for the corporate for SBI Corporate Utility Card.

Corporate will receive 2 e-statement for SBI Corporate Utility Card:

1. Corporate Utility Card Consolidated Statement – This e-statement will be generated on 2nd of every month. All the details pertaining to all the card account for the corporate will be included in this statement.
2. Consolidated Corporate Utility Card Interim Statement – This e-statement will be generated on 13th of every month. All debit transactions of all the card account for the corporate will be included in this statement for the period of 3rd to 13th of the same month.

Consolidated Payment Option :

The SBI Corporate Utility Card allows you to manage your organization’s Utility bills better by making a single consolidated payment for all the employees. Corporate will be required to make two payments for their accounts as per due date mentioned in the two e-statements generated every month.

Features of Visa Bill Pay – Corporate

Visa Bill Pay – Corporate is an online secure solution for corporate to make all your companies monthly utility payments. Simply, log onto to access your account and make payment anytime, anywhere.
• Benefits of Visa Bill Pay – Corporate
• Total Flexibility & ease of payments
• Better convenience and control
• Available 24 x 7 online
• Transparency & Compliance
• Enhanced Security