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Union Bank of India offer a range of card services to meet a variety of needs like getting instant access to account information and money, meeting shopping expenses, making on-line purchases, booking tickets, availing short term credit, gifting your near and dear ones etc.

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FEATURES of Union Bank VISA International Credit Card

✓ Photo Signature VISA Card is issued in three variants.
✓ There is no joining fee and annual/renewal charges.
✓ Attractive spending limit is 20% of the annual gross salary).
✓ Lowest interest rates and free credit period up to 50 days.
✓ Flexi payment option.
✓ Online Bill payment facility through internet banking account.
✓ Attractive reward points and redemption program.
✓ Full refund of fuel surcharge*.
✓ Secured transactions – SMS alerts on all transactions and VbV registration for online transactions.

Free Personal Insurance Cover offered to primary as well as add-on card holders for accidental death as mentioned under :

Type of Card Other than Air Accident Air Accident
Classic Rs. 1 Lakh Rs. 2 Lakh
Silver Rs. 2 Lakh Rs. 4 Lakh
Gold Rs. 5 Lakh Rs. 8 Lakh


  1. 24-hour hot listing facility and lost card liability restricted to Rs.1,000 from the time of reporting the loss.
* Surcharge waived for fuel purchases made for Rs.400 – Rs.4000 per billing cycle subjected to minimum purchase of Rs.400 on each occasion.
For Retail Customers
Salaried Self Employed
Address Proof Address Proof
Copy of PAN Card Copy of PAN Card
Income Proof (Salary Slip / Salary certificate/ Form 16 / Latest IT return) Income Proof (Form 16A / Latest IT return)
Customers can also obtain credit card against Fixed Deposit in case of non availability of income proof.

Union Bank of India: CHARGES AND FEES

Particulars Classic Silver Gold
Annual/Renewal Fee NIL NIL NIL
Finance Charges on Roll over Credit 1.90% 1.90% 1.90%
Cash Advance Charges for Cash Withdrawal 2.50% 2.50% 2.50%
Cash advance on Credit limit 20 % of limit 20 % of limit 20 % of limit
Cash Advance Charges at ATM Rs.100 Rs.100 Rs.100
Cash Advance Charges (Overseas) Rs.125 Rs.125 Rs.125
Late Payment Charges Rs.200 Rs.200 Rs.200
Charges for over the Credit limit usage Rs.100 for each occasion Rs.100 for each occasion Rs.100 for each occasion
Returned Cheque Rs.100 per instrument Rs.100 per instrument Rs.100 per instrument
Limit enhancement fee Rs.100 for each occasion Rs.100 for each occasion Rs.100 for each occasion
Card Replacement fee Rs.100 Rs.100 Rs.100
Retrieval of charge slip as levied by VISA Rs.100 or the actual charges whichever is higher Rs.100 or the actual charges whichever is higher Rs.100 or the actual charges whichever is higher
PIN Replacement Fee Rs.50 Rs.50 Rs.50
Service Tax As applicable from Time to time As applicable from Time to time As applicable from Time to time
Corporate :
  • Corporate card Application (Link to the form) duly signed by the authorized signatory of the company.
  • Board resolution for issuance of cards to its executives as named in the resolution and who can incur the expenses on behalf of the company to be charged to the company’s account.
  • Individual application from the executives in whose names the cards are to be issued
Yes, you can register with any of your Union Bank Credit Cards starting with BINs 439155, 439154 and 462963 (first six digits of the cards).
  1. This card is issued only to Union Bank account holders with satisfactory income levels.
  2. Providing mobile number and email ID is essential.
If you have any queries or complaints, feel free to contact on the following numbers:
  • Credit Card Call Centre 1800 22 32 22 (toll free) or 022-40426008 (charged)

Get answers to frequently asked questions on Union Bank of India Credit cards.

1. Whom shall I contact to know my balance in the Credit Card Account?

You can contact our 24 hrs help lines
Credit Card Call Centre 022-40426008 (charged) or 1800 223 222 (toll free) or General Call Centre (numbers at the top of this page) to know the balance in your credit card statement. You can also call our help lines for any enquiries regarding your credit account.

2. What is a Credit Limit?

The ‘Credit limit’ is the maximum amount you can spend or borrow using your Credit Card. This limit is determined by various personal details like your income, source of income, etc.

3. Does the add-on card have a separate credit limit?

No, the add-on card member shares the same credit limit as assigned to the primary card member.

4. How can I pay my monthly Credit Card bills?

You can pay your monthly Credit Card bill through one of the following options:

Union Bank Online

You can pay your monthly credit card bill using your internet banking account. Please click on the link “Union Bank Credit Card Bill Pay” o make payment online

Union Bank Branches

You can pay your monthly credit card bill through any of the branches of Union Bank either through cheque or cash. However, outstation cheques are not accepted. The amount will be credited to your credit card account.
Source: Union Bank of India

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