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Bank of India Credit Card – Check features, benefits of Credit cards Online Visa Gold, International, Platinum Privilege, Taj premium, India Card & Card for Pensioners Fees, Features, Documents and BOI Credit Cards.

Features of BOI Credit Cards: BOI offers Exceptional Convenience and financial benefits on other latest credit card offers

  1. Choice of Charge and Credit
  2. Choice of branch biling or direct
  3. lowest service charges
  4. No processing fees(No entrance fees)
  5. 51 Days of Interest Free Period
  6. Cash Withdraw
  7. Easy Pay Schemes
  8. Add On credit card
  9. BOI Unique Security Plan

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Available Credit Cards of BOI:

India Card – Value for Money | Gold Visa Credit Card | Taj Premium Card | Gold Visa International Card | Shatabdi Krishi Vikas Card

Visa Gold Card (Valid in India, Nepal & Bhutan)

  1. For customers – Gross annual income of Rs.1.50 lacs& above
  2. Fee – Principal Card : Rs. 600 p.a.,
    Add – on Card : Rs 350 p.a.
  3. Pin enabled photo card for secure usage at over 2,50,000 merchant locations and 24hr. cash access at over 90,000 ATMs.
  4. Revolving Credit at preferential rate, interest free credit for upto 51days.
  5. Cash advance facility at over 4000 branches with free remittance facility for card payment.
  6. Options for bill payments through branch accounts at zero charges.
  7. Flexible credit limits for add-on cards.
  8. Reward Programme on card usage.
  9. 24 hr. toll free assistance for reporting lost/stolen cards.
Visa Gold Card International Card (For Domestic & International)

  1. Fee – Principal Card : Rs 1500 p.a.,
    Add – on Card : Rs 800 p.a.
  2. Eligibility : Gross annual income of Rs 1.50 lacs& above.
  3. Superior purchasing power, as a result of high spending limit (typically above Rs.1 lac)
  4. Global cash access at over 8,10,000ATMs in the VISA Global ATM Network and over 4,14,000 locations worldwide.
  5. Interest free credit for upto 51 days.
  6. Access to the VISA Emergency Assistance Centre (VEAC) for accessing services of lost/stolen card repoting.
  7. Emergency card replacement.
  8. Emergency cash disbursement.
  9. Customer enquiry.
  10. ATM locator service.
  11. Revolving credit at preferential rate of 1.7% in cards where min amt. is made on the due date.
Visa Platinum Privilege Card (For Domestic and International)

  1. The card has the photo and signature of the card holder
  2. Maximum amount of cash that can be withdrawn from – ATM – Rs. 50,000,
    POS – Upto Rs.1 lac.
TAJ Premium Card
  1. Just a status card which is given to members of TAJ.
  2. No charge.
India Card (Valid in India, Nepal & Bhutan)

      1. Fee – Free Forever*
      2. Eligibility : Gross annual income of Rs.0.75 lacs& above
      3. Pin-enabled photo card.
      4. Secure usage at over 2,50,000 merchants establishments and round the clock cash advance at over 9000 ATMs.
      5. Interest free credit for upto 51 days and revolving credit at preferential rate.
      6. Flexible credit limits for add-on cards.
      7. Reward programme on card usage.

*Subject to a minimum usage of Rs 20,000 before annual renewal.

      Card Product Department,
      Bank of India Building,
      4th Floor, 70/80 M.G. Road,
    Mumbai – 400001.
Credit Card for Pensioners
  1. Specially designed for pensioners
  2. Limit will be based on three times monthly pension but no TOD allowed.

Available Products of Bank of India:

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