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  • Worldwide Acceptance
  • Accepted at over 30 million Visa Merchant Establishments across the world
  • Accepted at over 150,000 VISA Merchant Establishments in India

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GOLD/CLASSIC credit card through VISA:

  • No joining Fee, No removal/annual fee
  • Free Insurance coverage
  • Pay just 5% of the monthly outstanding and revolve the balance
  • Competitive  pricing @1.99%pm on purchases
  • Interest Free credit period maximum of 45 Days
  • Online Shopping

Credit Period:

Interest free Credit-Period – Usage of the credit card on the billing date of the month would provide 45 days interest free credit whereas using the card on previous day of the Billing date would give only 15 days interest free credit

Payment period within 15 Days from the Billing Date

Cash Withdrawals:

Upto 40% of the stipulated Credit limit

Withdrawal at

  1. Any of the Indian Bank ATM
  2. Any Visa Enabled ATM across India
  3. Any of the Visa ATM worldwide
  4. Any of the more than 30000 specified  ATM’s under Sharing arrangements like Cashtree, MITR etc

Rewards Programme:

For Every Rs 100 Spent, Rs.0.50 is rewarded to the  card members account.

One Rs.5000 is accumulated, in the Cardmember’s account, It is given by way of credit to Card member’s account.

For Hot Listing of Lost cards:

In case of loss of card, you can HOT LIST the credit card by any one of the following methods

1. Blocking through SMS: Please type the message’BLOCKCC’ and send the SMS to 56767 from your registered mobile to immediately block the card. You will get a confirmation message after blocking the card from Indian Bank.

2. Call Indian Bank 24 hours toll free Customer Care number : 1800 425 00000

3. Send Fax to Indian Bank @ 044 – 2526 1999 ( during working hours )

4. Send email to Indian Bank Email ID (during working days) :

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