ICICI Home Loan EMI Calculator 2019 – Calculate Eligibility Online

ICICI Bank Home Loan Emi Calculator – Find how much EMI amount you have to pay for your home loan with deal4loans.com tool > Enter your Loan Amount, Interest Rates and Loan Tenure Period to get the instant quotes with seconds. Now calculate your monthly emi with ICICI HFC loan calculator for calculating fixed interest rate & floating interest rates emi online.

ICICI Home Loan Interest Rates starts from 9.05% to 9.25%. you can check your EMI on the basis of these

Floating Interest Rates9.05% – 9.25%
Interest Rates For Salaried9.05% – 9.20%
Interest Rates For Self Employed9.10% – 9.30%

Home Loan applications received for rupees ₹ 419,027 crores till 25 June 2019


Loan Amount

Annual Income


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ICICI Bank Home Loan EMI Calculator

Calculate Loans EMI Online

Loan Amount
Interest Rate (Reducing) % Per Annum
Loan Tenure (in Months)
Monthly EMI
Total Amount with Interest
Total Interest Amount
Yearly Interest Amount

ICICI bank offers home loans in quicky & easy way because of simple documentation, quick TAT, no hidden charges & 100% transparent procedure. Lowers interest helps you in lower your emi burden per month & save money in whole tenure. check what are the criteria which is followed by ICICI bank in home loans.

  • Age 21 years +
  • You must have a regular source of income

Here’s the default emi calculation – you can check emi per loan amount @ 9.20% rate of interest for 20 years.

Loan AmountEMI for 20 years
5 lakhRs. 4,563
6 lakhRs. 5,476
7 lakhRs. 6,388
8 lakhRs. 7,301
9 lakhRs. 8,214
10 lakhRs. 9,126
11 lakhRs. 10,039
12 lakhRs. 10,952
13 lakhRs. 11,864
14 lakhRs. 12,777
15 lakhRs. 13,689
16 lakhRs. 14,602
17 lakhRs. 15,515
18 lakhRs. 16,427
19 lakhRs. 17,340
20 lakhRs. 18,253
21 lakhRs. 19,165
22 lakhRs. 20,078
23 lakhRs. 20,990
24 lakhRs. 21,903
25 lakhRs. 22,816
28 lakhRs. 25,554
30 lakhRs. 27,379
32 lakhRs. 29,204
34 lakhRs. 31,029
35 lakhRs. 31,942
40 lakhRs. 36,505
42 lakhRs. 38,303
45 lakhRs. 41,068
50 lakhRs. 45,631
60 lakhRs. 54,758
65 lakhRs. 59,321
70 lakhRs. 63,884
75 lakhRs. 68,447
80 lakhRs. 73,010

How to enhance your eligibility under ICICI bank housing loan scheme

  • Add your spouse helps you to get more loan amount by make him/ her the co-applicant. Their income will be considered to enhance the eligibility
  • In case of co-owners, they must necessarily be co-applicants

What is the benefit of calculating EMI?

Since EMI is the fixed amount that you will need to pay to the bank towards repayment of your Loan, calculating the EMI helps you to plan your monthly budget.

Why should one calculate home loan eligibility for ICICI Bank?

ICICI home eligibility calculator gives the most accurate estimate of home loan that you can borrow from ICICI Bank.

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