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Central Bank of India Aspire Credit card offers best features with nil joining fees. ASPIRE CREDIT CARD UNDER CENT ASPIRE DEPOSIT SCHEME .

Card offers: Credit Period of maximum 55 days, secured by Term Deposits of the Bank, lowest interest rate of 1.20%, 100% cash withdraw facility etc.

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  • Aspire Credit Card is EMV Chip Based VISA Platinum Credit Card.
  • Acceptance for Domestic as well as International Transactions
  • Issued against “Cent Aspire Term Deposits” held by customers with our Bank.
  • Maximum Credit Limit of 80% of Term Deposit amount (Maximum Rs.400000/-).
  • Maximum credit period upto 55 days.
  • Low interest rate of 1.20% p.m. on rollover amounts.
  • The income statement / CIBIL verification not a prerequisite.
  • 100% cash withdrawal facility at the applicable bank rate.
  • Personal Accident Cover (against death) of Rs, 100.000/- under Group Insurance Scheme.
  • Premium VISA offers across movies, dining and travel, etc .


  • Any individual / customer, an Indian resident & above18 years of age, can open Cent Aspire Deposit Account with our bank. (Minimum Rs. 20,000/- and thereafter in multiples of Rs.1000/-. There is no upper limit)
  • Maximum Credit Limit of 80% of Term Deposit amount – Minimum: Rs. 16,000/- & Maximum : Rs. 400,000/-
  • Term deposits shall be under lien with auto renewal option.
  • Original Term deposit handed over to the customer with lien marked.
  • KYC compliance necessary.
  • Mandate for Auto renewal & pre-mature adjustment of proceeds of term deposit/s.
  • At present Cent Aspire Deposit Scheme not available to NRI customers


Issuing Charges Free
Annual Fees Free
Renewal Free
Card Reinstated/Replacement of lost card Rs. 100/- per card
Emergency card replacement( when abroad) Rs.150/- per card
De-blocking charges Rs. 100/- per De-blocking
Late Payment Fee Minimum Rs.100/- up to Rs.10,000/- and thereafter 1.00% pm of the outstanding amount.
Cheque Return Charges Rs. 150/- per Instrument
Dishonour of ECS/Auto-Debit Rs. 150/- per Auto-Debit return
Duplicate statement request (beyond 3 months) Rs. 100/- per request
Cash withdrawal Rs. 100/- plus service charges from date of transaction. No interest free credit period is available for cash withdrawn through ATM.
Service charge on the amount remaining unpaid @1.2% per month or part there of (rollover amount, after payment of minimum balance due) beyond due date.
Petrol transaction charge 2.5%
Railway Ticket Purchase or cancellation fee 2.5% (plus Rs. 30/-)
Foreign currency transactions Mark up fee – 3.5%
For outstanding amount > Rs. 10,000, 1% of the outstanding amount

* In addition, service tax as per Govt guidelines shall be applicable.

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