South Indian Bank Doctors Loan | Interest Rates | Documents | Eligibility

South Indian Bank (SIB) Doctors Credit Loan: Get Details on Lowest Interest Rates 9.85% to 11.85%, Documents, Emi, Eligibility and Processing Fees charged for Loans.


For meeting personal/family finance requirements including expenses towards purchase of furniture/equipments for clinic, household articles/white goods, electronic/computer equipments, peripherals, expenses for inland/foreign leisure travel or business travel, medical treatment, etc.
Purpose of the loan should be indicated in the application form and proposal.

₹ 273,923 crores worth of Personal Loan Applications received! (last updated on 04 December 2020)

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Loan Amount

Employment Status


Target group

Individual Practising or employed Allopathic Doctors, having professional Medical degree.(Including Dentists)

Maximum quantum of loan

Upto 15 times monthly Net salary/income.(Based on IT Return/ Salary slip)
For loans with 100 % Collateral security :Maximum limit:Rs.5 Lacs
For loans with insufficient/no collateral : Maximum limit:Rs. 3Lacs

Minimum Take Home Pay 

There is no minimum take Home Pay stipulation.  However, the borrower has to submit IT Return copies, for the last three years.

Mode of disbursement

Direct to sellers for purchase of goods OR otherwise, by credit to SB/CD account of the borrower.


Wherever assets are created, these assets should be hypothecated to the bank. All loans should have as guarantor, one person having Net Worth at least twice the amount of loan.
For loans exceeding Rs.3 Lacs ( including OD sanctioned, if any)
100 % collateral cover is compulsory.

Rate of interest : 9.85% – 11.85%

Upfront fee : One time upfront fee 1 % of the loan amount.

Repayment period : In equated Monthly Instalments, not exceeding 36 months.

Priority status

Based on the purpose, eligible loans to be classified under Priority Sector (Small & Micro Enterprises—Prof & Self employed)
Loans shall be sanctioned at the absolute discretion of the Bank.
This loan is intended as a general personal loan product. Documentation charges, inspection charges (if applicable), penal interest, foreclosure charges etc as per norms.