Union Bank personal loan Interest Rates August 2019, EMI Eligibility Calculator

Union Bank of India personal loan – Find Documents List, Eligibility, Interest Rates 2018 and Fees charges. Union Bank offers availed for any purpose, be it a wedding expenditure, meet financial requirements, a holiday or purchasing consumer durables, personal loan is very handy & caters to all your needs.

₹ 273,923 crores worth of Personal Loan Applications received! (last updated on 24 August 2019)

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Union Bank Personal loan Interest Rates 2019

✓ Union Personal – For Non Salaried individuals = 14.65% (fixed)
✓ Union Personal – under Tie-up = 12.65% (fixed)
✓ Union Personal – under Non Tie Up = 13.65% (floating)
✓ For KVS/NVS Employees / For employees working under Home & Defence ministries, Officers in all India Services & Top executives of PSUs / For employees working under accredited GOI ministries (Labour & Employment, Environment & Forest, Science & Technology, Statistics & Programme Implementation) = 12.80% (Floating)
✓ Union Personal – For employees of Government organisations/PSUs & Central/State Government undertakings under Non Tie-up = 13.50% (Floating)

There are many among us who might be facing difficulty in purchasing goods by paying a lumpsum amount. But we would be comfortable paying small installments on a monthly basis. The Union Personal loan plays an important role here. It helps you avail loans to meet personal expenses such as purchase of consumer durable, etc.

Eligibility Criteria for Union Bank Personal Loan

To avail “Union Personal” you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Should be from the salaried class, having regular source of income and having salary account with our bank.
  • The applicant has reasonable residual service to ensure that the entire loan is repaid one year prior to retirement.

Processing Fees on Personal Loan of Union Bank of India as Follows:

✓ Processing charges are 0.50% of the loan amount, subject to a minimum of Rs. 500 plus service tax
*There is no processing charges on Union Personal – For employees of Government Organisations/PSUs & Central/State Government.

Union Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculator

You Can Calculate Personal Loan EMI with this Calculator by Just Enter your Loan Amount, Interest Rates and Loan Period/Tenure

Calculate Loans EMI Online

Loan Amount
Interest Rate (Reducing) % Per Annum
Loan Tenure (in Months)
Monthly EMI
Total Amount with Interest
Total Interest Amount
Yearly Interest Amount

Union Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculation

Below emi Rs. 2.00 lakh of personal loan at interest rates of 14.40% p.a. at different tenures.

Loan Amount Tenure In Years Interest Rate Monthly EMI
200000 1 14.40% ₹17,995.09
200000 2 14.40% ₹9,640.41
200000 3 14.40% ₹6,874.45
200000 4 14.40% ₹5,505.51
200000 5 14.40% ₹4,695.23

If you take Rs. 1.00 lakh loan at 14.40% p.a. the emi would be Rs. 2378/-, if you take loan Rs. 3 lakh at 14.40% p.a. for 5 years emi will be 7043/-, if loan of Rs. 4.00 lakh emi would be Rs. 9390/-, if you take loan of Rs. 5.00 lakh emi will be Rs. 11,738/-.
✓ Up to Rs. 5 Lakh MARGIN, I.E. YOUR SHARE – Nil

What are the stages involved in taking a loan?
There are three main stages –
✓ Application – Whereby you submit a completely filled in application with all necessary documents.
✓ Sanction – Whereby you get an approval for a specific loan amount based on the value of your property and repayment capabilities.
✓ Disbursement – Whereby the loan amount is disbursed.

How much time will it take for my loan to be approved?
It takes 3 days for your loan to be sanctioned, after you have submitted all the required documents.

How is the interest charged/calculated?
Interest will be applied in the account on the basis of reducing balance method at monthly rests.

What is the maximum loan amount for Union Personal?
The maximum amount of loan is Rs. 5 Lakhs. However it would be depends on the repayment capacity.

What are the loan tenure options?
The repayment period is maximum of 5 years.

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