Fixed Deposit Interest Rate (Last edited on : 16 October 2021)

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Amount to Invest

Company Name ROI Tenure
12.50 %
12.00 %
10.50 %
9.35 %


Definition: A fixed-income debt security, usually issued by banks is called a Fixed Deposit (or as commonly known as FD). In simple words a FD is like loaning the bank your money on which Bank pays you interest.

The rate of interest for Bank Fixed Deposits depends on the maturity period. The tenure is fixed and the rate is guaranteed. Rate is usually higher in case of longer maturity period.


What one should know before creating an FD?

Before selecting the bank for FD one should

Advantages of investing in Fixed Deposit

Tax Implications

How To Open a Bank Fixed Deposit Account?

Some banks insist on a savings account with them to operate a FD. IT is as simple as filing a form and depositing cash with the bank and FD is made.

Eligibility & Documentation

A valid Identity proof and an address proof are required by the depositor for opening a Fixed Deposit account