What factors ensure cheapest personal loan

Personal loan come in range of 12-28% and most consumers confuse what will get them loan at the lowest rate. So lets tell you how does bank define such pricing which is in such a bring range.

For salaried customers here are the reasons

1. Company Category- Most banks divide companies into Cat A to Cat D and unlisted companies. Cat A company employees are given lowest rates and most of these companies are top 3000 companies in India. So if you work with Top brands- that also helps you to get lowest rates on personal loan.

One would ask why?

Most banks have seen lowest defaults in employees of such companies as these are the best talent of the country and there salary package and positions exist and hence they don’t default. By lower defaults Banks are able to offer rates like 14-17% to employees of such companies. Infosys, Reliance employees etc have such advantage.

2. Salary package– The second factor that reduces rates on personal loans is how much salary you get.Most banks treat customers in categories of salary above 75000 as elite and then 50000-75000 and then 30000-50000 and below 30000.

So if your salary is above 75000 and you are in Cat A expect 14% and almost all banks will run to give you loan. So next time you choose the company to work, have this as a factor that if you need a personal loan it will help you to save on emi on personal loan.

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