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Gold Loan

What is Gold Loan?
As the name suggest its loan against Gold. It’s the most convenient way to receive cash in no time from any NBFC/Bank by pledging your Gold ornaments/Coins/bars/Exchange traded funds ETFs/ SBI gold certificates etc., this is one loan product which comes with minimal documentation & no processing time in short its over the counter product.
Product is designed in a way it ensures hassle free process for the customer & loan availed can be put to any use.
Loan amount eligibility is evaluated basis on the Gold value banks usually fund 70-80% of the gold market value & on repayment of the loan gold deposits are returned back to the customer.
This loan comes much cheaper than personal loan as it’s a secured product & rate of interest ranges between 11.5-24% per annum.
Rate of interest is decided on two factors risk criteria ( What % of market value of Gold you are availing loan if its 90% of the Gold market value then interest charged will be higher & vice a versa for lower loan amount as compared to gold value) & customer relationship with the bank.
Apply Gold Loan
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