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Change Loan Amount, Interest Rate & Tenure for your calculation
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Rs. 20,00,000
Rs. twenty lakh(s).
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How EMI Calculator works or Calculate EMI

Our EMI calculator is easy to use and is quick to perform. Use our EMI calculator as a guide before availing for any kind of loan. EMI calculator let's you judge how affordable a loan can be for you. Always use the calculator to get a quick quote on your EMIs. You can calculate home loan and personal loan EMI with this calculator. If the quote satisfies you, then apply accordingly. It is this simple.

• Enter the loan amount you wish to avail in the EMI calculator.
• Then enter the loan tenure (months).
• And the rate of interest (reducing).
• Press "calculate".
• Our EMI calculator will tell you just how much your EMI amount comes to.

Along with your EMI you also get results like :
• total amount with interest.
• flat interest rate PA / PM.
• total interest amount.
• yearly interest amount.

And if you think the EMI is a bit more than you can afford, you could always re-calculate.
This time enter either less loan amount or longer loan tenure in the calculator.
You can also continue to re-calculate until our calculator gives you an EMI that you are satisfied with.

Also remember to compare quotes from different banks.
You can do this by entering the loan amount and the rate of interest with the loan tenure of, say bank "A". See how much it amounts to.
Then do the same again of bank "B". Whichever suits your needs and fits your wants, apply.

In today’s scenario banks are coming your way with bouquet of offer for your loan requirements. To have a finest deal from these banks one should ponder to following points before cracking a deal.
Don’t be corrupted by paying high EMIs at low rate of interest

Better compare EMIs with same tenure And then with rate of interest

(1) Check your reimbursement power (EMI) : You repay the loan in equated monthly installments, or EMI, consist of principal as well as interest as its constituent. Since you pay an equal amount month after Month, these payments are called equal monthly installments. The EMI depends on the amount of the loan, the interest rate and the term of the loan. It Is an unequal combination of principal repayment and interest cost every month. In the Beginning bank recovers their interest payments and gradually more of the principal repayment by the end of the loan tenure. EMI amount should range maximum to the 40% of your monthly income. One should consider offers from various banks as it may differ from one bank to another bank. Your involvement into the process might end up in a win- win situation for you.

(2) Market around (Rate of interest): Today there are many lenders in the market. Every bank is offering loans Whether it’s a nationalized bank, private bank or foreign bank each of them is there in the show. Every bank offers different personal loan rates and home loan rates according to the profile of the customer. So, before finalizing a deal one should consider deals from various banks and than come to a conclusion. And aware of the fact that some people might mislead you by charging high rate of interest at reducing rate and might inform the same at flat rate of interest. So, its always advisable to check full detail with the banks and do better comparison in respect of EMIs , Tenure and rate of interest and keeping tenure as constant with all the banks will ease your comparison and will result in better analysis, finally leading to a prudent decision.

(3) Tenure: It’s one of the most important factors that one should keep in mind while taking loan. It refers to the no. of years for which the loan has been taken. Longer the tenure higher will be the interest paid and lower will be amount of EMI to be paid and vice-a-versa. It is one of the parameters which helps in comparing the EMIs from different banks keeping it constant for relationship and easing the judgment.

(4) Loan Disbursal Time: Loan disbursal time is the period in which loan is processed and the customer receives the demand draft from the bank. Disbursal time differs from one bank to another bank. Its an important factor because there is always a reason behind taking a loan if the opportunity of that objective is lost than its of no use better ask your bank the Turn Around Time and take the loan considering your urgency or better plan it in advance.

(5) Processing Fee, Administrative Charges & Pre-Payment Charges: When you Borrow, Your loan carries other charges as well apart from interest that may include Processing Fee which bank charges to process your file and pays to the processing hubs, charges may vary from 1-2% of the loan amount sanctioned by bank. Besides this there is Pre-Payment Charges also which loan carries for the Pre-Closure of the Loan it’s always advisable to take loan which has no penalty for the pre-closure of loan because it might happen in the long-run you have enough money to pay your debt and thereby save interest on the same else you can have the opportunity to get your loan transferred at low rate of interest.

(6) Insurance Facility: Some bank offers insurance facility by charging small amount of premium which is added to the EMI paid for the loan amount and the person is insured for the amount he has taken loan and incase something unexpected happens. Assured amount will be given to the bank without burdening the members of the family.

Sample Results
Year Principal Interest Balance Amount
1 Rs. 31,083 Rs. 208,533 Rs. 1,968,917
2 Rs. 34,509 Rs. 205,107 Rs. 1,934,408
3 Rs. 38,311 Rs. 201,305 Rs. 1,896,097
4 Rs. 42,537 Rs. 197,079 Rs. 1,853,560
5 Rs. 47,221 Rs. 192,395 Rs. 1,806,339
6 Rs. 52,426 Rs. 187,190 Rs. 1,753,913
7 Rs. 58,203 Rs. 181,413 Rs. 1,695,710
8 Rs. 64,618 Rs. 174,998 Rs. 1,631,092
9 Rs. 71,740 Rs. 167,876 Rs. 1,559,352
10 Rs. 79,644 Rs. 159,972 Rs. 1,479,708
11 Rs. 88,422 Rs. 151,194 Rs. 1,391,286
12 Rs. 98,165 Rs. 141,451 Rs. 1,293,121
13 Rs. 108,983 Rs. 130,633 Rs. 1,184,138
14 Rs. 120,994 Rs. 118,622 Rs. 1,063,144
15 Rs. 134,327 Rs. 105,289 Rs. 928,817
16 Rs. 149,132 Rs. 90,484 Rs. 779,685
17 Rs. 165,567 Rs. 74,049 Rs. 614,118
18 Rs. 183,812 Rs. 55,804 Rs. 430,306
19 Rs. 204,069 Rs. 35,547 Rs. 226,237
20 Rs. 226,407 Rs. 13,056 Rs. 0
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Personal Loan Rate of Interest
( Last updated on 27 November 2015 )
of Interest
Apply Here
Kotak 12.99%-17%
0.75% - 2% APPLY
HDFC Bank 12.99%-20%
Rs 999/- - 2.5% APPLY
Fullerton India 21%-32%
Bajaj Finserv 15%-17%
Upto 2% APPLY
HDB Financial Services 16%-21%
up to 2% APPLY
ICICI Bank 13.49%-17.5%
0.50% - 2.25% APPLY
Indus Ind Bank 12.99%-17%
Up to 50% off * APPLY
Citibank 14%-16.50%
Up to 2.5% APPLY
Home Loan Rate of Interest
( Last updated on 27 November 2015 )
of Interest
Apply Here
LIC Housing 9.60% (Fixed for 2 yrs) 2% APPLY
HDFC Ltd 9.50 - 9.55% 2% APPLY
ICICI Bank 9.60% - 9.65% 2% APPLY

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  • bachhu mondal      November 17, 2015 3:30 pm
    vary good
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    • Satish      September 23, 2015 10:59 am
      I am a student that has cleared class 12th and have been accepted into a foreign college that has equivalent / better ranking to IIT mumbai. The field of my study is mechanical engg. (not arts, music etc). I want to take a loan but not with too high risks. The expenses for the whole course are approx 15-20 lacs. What bank will you suggeset. Will it be too risky for me to take a loan this big especially when I amnot earning a single penny and n oone can predict future? MMaybe I will break and leg and become unemployable? Secondly and most importantly, what details do yuo know on the Indian government's education loan scheme that gives 7.5 lakh loan at 2 percent interest rates. I will also like to add that my fathers income is very low (5 lakh per mnth without deducting taxes)but is still 50000Rs above 'economically weaker' mark for current government edu. loan schemes.
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      • Hardeep Singh      September 24, 2015 12:30 pm
        Satish, You can check with most of all the State Govt Banks they provide education loans at reasonable interest rates which are lower than Private banks.
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      • Ravi Angaloori      September 8, 2015 4:33 pm
        I Have a personal loan and paying 20K everymonth and My current take Home is 46K and my wife is working and her take home is 30K now we wanted to buy a Home which is costing upto 35L and how much i am eligible ofr
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        • Rajiv Pawar      September 15, 2015 10:32 pm
          Hi Mr. Ravi Firstly according to me if you already have Home and running Home Loan on it, is it Second Home and/or Investment purpose. Secondly if we club both your and your wife's salary and can go for BT+Top-up then easily your need can be fulfill.
          Post Reply
          • Atal      September 10, 2015 4:26 pm
            Dear mr Ravi, Before Apply for Home Loan Better to Close your Personal loan because your 40% Salary already going in loan & On the basis of your wife income you can get upto Rs.15-16 lac of loan so better to close personal loan first after that you can get around 40 lakhs of loan amount on the basis of joint home loan.
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          • Kumar      August 12, 2015 11:38 pm
            HI i'm looking for Personal Loan or Credit card.. I'm Self Employer I dont have any ITR documents Is it possible to get personal loan or credit card ???
            Post Reply
            • Atal      August 17, 2015 3:30 pm
              No Sir, For Personal Loan & Credit Card ITR is must required documents as a Income Proof.
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            • Sachin Gupta      August 11, 2015 11:58 pm
              Dear sir,I have a gold loan-3000 & personal loan EMI-17000 total-20000,I want to purchase a DDA Flat SECOND FLOOR in Rohini sec 22----40 lac value,I need 34lac loan and my salary is 55000
              Post Reply
              • Kanishka      August 12, 2015 3:13 pm
                Dear Sir per your income & your Liabilities of current pending loans its not possible to get a 34 lakh of loan amount, Better to first close or complete current loans. Thanks.
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