Taraqi ki EMI
EMI to your monthly income % as per Your
Age to Make It as
Taraqi Ki EMI
Age 22-27 years
Age 28-35 years
Age 35-50 years
Age above 50 years

Ajay Kumar had started off with a small-time business in consumer durables five years ago. His hard work paid off and his business saw a decent growth. However, his dream is to own the best showroom of consumer durables in the city. He knows that it is a long-term process and he will have to move step by step. He decides to avail a business loan and work harder to make up for the cost of EMIs.

Vijay Kumar is a sales manager with a reputed company. After a year of hard work he has succeeded in meeting the company targets. As a result, he has got a promotion and decentsalary hike. He is fed up of biking and decides to buy a good car.

A year has passed since they availed the loans and both of them are paying the EMIs. But the only difference is that Ajay is a happy man while Vijay is not.

So, what made the difference?
The difference is simple – Ajay is paying ‘Taraqi kiEMI’(EMI for growth) while Vijay is paying for bad loan.


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