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Credit Card Canara-bank

CANARA CARD is a GLOBAL CREDIT CARD from the house of Canara Bank, one of the leading Banks in India, with around 2700 Branches and 34 million loyal customer base. In tune with our tradition of offering quality products with competitive features and best customer service, we are delighted to introduce you to the Canara Global credit Cards, offered to the privileged & elite people of the society.


  • No Annual fee & Enrolment fee till 31.08.2013. (Special offer)
  • Canara Card is accepted throughout the world
  • Minimum Gross income to get CANARA CARD is Rs.60,000 p.a. only.
  • Liberal Card limit. Get 30% of your gross annual income as your Card limit. Fixing of the limit is at the sole discretion of Canara Bank.
  • Cash withdrawal limit up to 50% of your card limit.
  • Cash withdrawal charges only Rs.30 per thousand. Minimum Rs.30 only.
  • Free Credit period from 20-50 days
  • Cash withdrawal facility at all ATMs of Canara bank & other Bank ATMs.
  • No Interest on cash withdrawal if paid by the due date. If not paid by the DUE DATE, interest is charged from DUE DATE only and not from the DATE OF CASH WITHDRAWAL.
  • Opt for Revolving Payment system and pay only 5% of the billed amount and defer the payment. Carried over balance attracts service charges at 2.5% p.m. only.
  • No financial charges! i.e., interest on other transactions subsequent to cash withdrawal till the cash withdrawal is repaid.
  • We provide free accident Insurance to you and your spouse too.
  • Lost Card protection! Liability restricted to Rs.1,000 only from the time of reporting.
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