Personal Loan

All about Personal loan interest rate, application process, necessary documents and EMI comparison.
Here you can get information on prevailing interest rates from all banks and calculate EMI of your required loan amount. You can check your eligibility with more than 10 banks with a single instant apply form.

Deal4Loans facilitates you to get in principle loan approval online in as quick as 5-10 minutes only. You can compare processing fee, ROI and turnaround time for the loan approval with various banks and financial institutions instantly. We help you to check the eligibility and understand the approval criteria of various banks.

Loan for personal use is offered for maximum 4-5 years of tenure. But, it is suggested to have it for 1-2 years only. Because the more time you take, more interest you pay.

List of all the necessary documents required for salaried and self employed borrowers is mentioned below.

Personal Loan applications received for 273,923 crores (last updated on 05 March 2015)
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Required Documents

To get your personal loan approved, you need to submit these following documents.

A photocopy of PAN card

In case of Salaried In case of Self Employed
• Identity proof • Balance Sheets
• 3 to 6 months Bank statements • Profit & Loss Account
• Residence proof • Partnership Deed & other mandatory documents etc.
• Salary slip  
• Guarantors & their same set of documents  

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