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Car Loan Jaipur

If you are planning to buy your dream family car and finance is a concern then you need not worry as there are exiting car loan offers available from leading banks in India.

Benefits :

Firstly, it enables you to buy a better car than you could otherwise afford. Trying to save money by buying an older model can result in more costly repairs being needed, which all amounts to a false economy in the long run. Taking out a car loan also means you can spread the cost over a longer period of time, which in turn makes your car much easier to pay for - and you will always know where you stand with your monthly payments. You'll also know exactly how long you'll be paying the loan for until it's completed.

Apply for Best Car Loan Jaipur
Professional Details
Loan Amount:
Annual Income:
Banks/Rates HDFC Bank Kotak Axis Bank State Bank of India (SBI)
New Car Loan (Reducing)
10.75% - 12.50% 11.50% - 13.50% 11.00% 10.75%
Used Car Loan (Reducing) 13.50% - 18.25% 17% - 20% 16.50% - 18% 17.25% (up to 3 years)
17.50% (above 3 years)
Processing Fee Rs 1500/- to Rs. 5000/- Rs.3300/- to Rs.4750/- Rs.3500/- to Rs.5500/- Rs. 1020/-  to Rs.10200/-

Car loan Documents –

  • proof of income, residence proof, and identity
  • IT returns Photo copy
  • salary slips
  • bank statements
  • passport, driving license, and other relevant documents as well
  • Click to know Full Documents required for car loan

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ICICI Personal Loan
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