Loan Against Property Hsbc

The important thing is to dream. For when you have a dream, the next challenge is in achieving it. Loan Against Property from HSBC makes sure nothing comes in the way of fulfilling that dream. So go on, while you make your plans, allow us to make sure they reach their heights.

Features & Benefits

  • Loans up to Rs. 10 crores *
  • Tenor of upto 15 years
  • Simple documentation
  • Attractive interest rates
  • Loan transfer - You can also transfer your existing loan against residential property from another bank to HSBC.

Interest Rates HSBC Loan Against Property- 8.35%

Fees & Charges
Processing fees - processing fee of 1% or Rs. 10,000 will be applicable, whichever is higher.
Pre-payment charges - There will be no pre-payment charges upto a maximum of 25% of your outstanding loan, once, every financial year.

A pre-payment charge of 4% shall be levied for amount in excess of 25%.

Apply for Best Loan Against Property in Hsbc

Professional Details
Loan Amount:
Annual Income:
Banks up to 30 lacs 30-75 lacs 75 & above Processing fees
8.50% to 9.00% 9.75% - 10.50% 9.75% - 10.50% Maximum of 1% of loan amount
8.45% - 9.50% 9.45% - 11.00% 9.45% - 11.00% 1.00% or Rs.50,000 Maximum
8.35% - 9.25% 11.35% 11.35% 1.00 % + AT*
Axis Bank
10.50% - 11.25% 11.00% - 12.10% 11.00% - 12.10% 1% or Rs 10,000 (whichever is higher)

Exclusive banking privileges
Along with your Loan Against Property account, get access to an HSBC Advance* Account, with the following benefits:

Free access to 23,500 VISA ATMs across India, with your HSBC Advance Platinum Debit Card+
Free cheque payable at par facility
Dedicated service desks and counters at HSBC branches in India
Financial planning services to help you plan your financial goals

* For a Mortgage relationship where loan amount is Rs. 15 lakh or more with HSBC India.
+ The usage of the card is governed by applicable terms and conditions.

To qualify for a Loan Against Property, the following criteria apply

a. Net Income (Rs.) 5, 00,000 p.a. (salaried)
7, 50,000 p.a. (self-employed)
b. Minimum Age (in years) 21
c. Maximum Age (in years) 60 (salaried)
65 (self employed)
d. Minimum Loan Amount (Rs.) 200,000
e. Maximum Loan Amount (Rs.) 3,00,00,000*
f. Loan to Value Ratio Up to 65%
e. Maximum Loan Tenure 15 years

Source:- HSBC Website