Personal Loans for working professionals – Professional Loans

Loans for Working Professional at Lowest Interest Rates, Instant Apply within 5 minutes for Doctors, Chartered Accountants. As the name suggests, this is for professionals to help them with business expansion and development expenses and for travel expenses for business purposes.

Eligible for Professional Loans are

Doctors, Dentists, Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Chartered Engineers, Architects, Proprietorship firms, Partnership firms, etc., are eligible for this loan

Purpose for taken professional loans

It can be taken for the purchase of machinery, equipment, apparatus, computers, tools, vehicles, furniture, interiors and office equipments. This loan can also be used to finance foreign trips, seminars and conferences.

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Loan Amount

Employment Status
Margin 20.00%
Maximum Repayment Tenor 60 Months with a maximum holiday period of 6 months
SCHEME ROI (floating) p.a.
Professional loan 12.35%
Primary security Hypothecation of machinery/equipment/ apparatus/tools, etc., computer/s, other office equipment, furniture & interiors, vehicle, acquired out of bank finance.
Collateral security NSC/KVP/LIC Policies, Bank Deposits, Land & Building etc.,, subject to the satisfaction of the bank.
Guarantee Personal Guarantee of family/friends/Partners/Title holders of Collateral securities etc., subject to satisfaction of the bank.
Processing charges 0.30% of loan amount (Minimum – Rs.500.00)
Other Terms & Conditions
  • Copies of Membership Certificates issued by relevant professional body/ies relating to the individual, individual partners.
  • Copy of Firm registration certificate for registration with relevant professional body/ies, any other papers/certificates as are applicable / as may be specified, from time to time, for this purpose.
  • Documents / papers required for judging repayment capacity Income and expenditure and balance sheet statements for last 3 years, tax return copies/assessment order copies of individual / all partners / firm / guarantor/s, particulars of other debt service obligations, etc.
  • Assembled computers are not eligible for finance.
  • For foreign travel, only airfare, hotel expenses and seminar fees are eligible

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