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Home Loan EMI Calculator

Home Loan Amount    Rs.
Interest Rate % Per Annum
Loan Tenure Years
Loan Amount
Rs. 2,000,000
Monthly Instalment (EMI)
Rs. 19,968
Total Interest Amount
Rs. 2,792,223
Total Amount (Principal + Interest)
Rs. 4,792,223
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Professional Details
Required Loan Amount :
Occupation :
Annual Income :
City :
Year Principal Interest Balance Amount
1 Rs. 31,083 Rs. 208,533 Rs. 1,968,917
2 Rs. 34,509 Rs. 205,107 Rs. 1,934,408
3 Rs. 38,311 Rs. 201,305 Rs. 1,896,097
4 Rs. 42,537 Rs. 197,079 Rs. 1,853,560
5 Rs. 47,221 Rs. 192,395 Rs. 1,806,339
6 Rs. 52,426 Rs. 187,190 Rs. 1,753,913
7 Rs. 58,203 Rs. 181,413 Rs. 1,695,710
8 Rs. 64,618 Rs. 174,998 Rs. 1,631,092
9 Rs. 71,740 Rs. 167,876 Rs. 1,559,352
10 Rs. 79,644 Rs. 159,972 Rs. 1,479,708
11 Rs. 88,422 Rs. 151,194 Rs. 1,391,286
12 Rs. 98,165 Rs. 141,451 Rs. 1,293,121
13 Rs. 108,983 Rs. 130,633 Rs. 1,184,138
14 Rs. 120,994 Rs. 118,622 Rs. 1,063,144
15 Rs. 134,327 Rs. 105,289 Rs. 928,817
16 Rs. 149,132 Rs. 90,484 Rs. 779,685
17 Rs. 165,567 Rs. 74,049 Rs. 614,118
18 Rs. 183,812 Rs. 55,804 Rs. 430,306
19 Rs. 204,069 Rs. 35,547 Rs. 226,237
20 Rs. 226,407 Rs. 13,056 Rs. 0
Bank Name Interest Rate
Estimated EMI as Per Loan Amount
HDFC LTD 10.15% - 10.40%
Rs. 19,500 - Rs. 19,834
ICICI Bank 10.15% - 10.50%
Rs. 19,632 - Rs. 19,968
SBI 10.30% - 10.50%
Rs. 19,700 - Rs. 19,967
PNB Housing 10.50% - 11.25%
Rs. 19,968 - Rs. 20,985

A customer needs to know how much he has to pay per month for the home loan he has taken is called Home loan emi.

How is Home loan emi calculated?

To calculate exact per month emi, it is based on the loan you have taken and theĀ interestĀ on is calculated and the amount is paid within the decided period ie tenure.
So if you take a 3000000 home loan and the interest is 10.5% for 20 years, your emi will be 29951.So Home loan emi depends upon.
  • 1. Loan amount
  • 2. Tenure
  • 3. Interest rate-Floating or Fixed
How to get my Home loan Emi across Major Banks?
  • 1. Put the rate of interest for all banks in the calculator above
  • 2. Apply and get detailed information.

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  • chatarji      April 9, 2014 8:54 am
    hi, i am salaried employee with 3.3lac per annul. and i want a bank loan for 5 lac's,so could you suggest me how to apply for home bank loan and respective EMI for the same amount.
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    • Loan Expert      April 14, 2014 6:05 pm
      Dear Sir, Get the loan amount for 10 years & pre pay the loan in part payment options it will helps you to save a huge amount on interest. EMI would be close to Rs. 6,663 per month for 10 years.
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    • noushad      April 5, 2014 5:13 pm
      Hi.i am a NRI receiving 422400 INR per aanum .i want to take 15 lakhs homeloan from state bank of travancore .I will get or not? interest rates ? EMI?
      Post Reply
      • Loan Expert      April 14, 2014 6:02 pm
        As per State Bank of Travancore Website they offers aloan for NRI at 10.25% - 10.50% rate of interest which is also depends on loan to value ratio. EMI will be close to Rs.15000 per month for 20 years. Eligibility required for loan is: Persons Eligible a. All Non Resident Indians holding Indian Passports with a regular monthly income of not less than Rs. 15000/- b. Spouses and close relatives of Non-Residents, who are residents jointly with the non-resident Indian. You have these documents available it means you are eligible for loan.
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      • pankaj kumar      March 30, 2014 1:34 pm
        sir.my net salary 17.184,00 per month h/loan 10lak required
        Post Reply
        • Loan Expert      April 14, 2014 5:56 pm
          Sir, you can get upto Rs.8 lac of loan amount if you are living in tier 2 cities get the loan from Axis Bank - Asha Home Loan a special scheme for low salaried peoples
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        • Dipankar Sarkar      March 26, 2014 3:18 pm
          My net salary 207000 p.a. i need a loan of Rs.10,00,000 for 10 yrs. pls give me information about the emi/month
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          • Loan Expert      April 14, 2014 5:57 pm
            Sir, 10 lac of loan amount for 10 years are not possible in your salary conditions better to get the loan for 20 years & pre pay within 10 years. There is no penalty on pre payment or part payment of home loan.
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          • Kiran      March 25, 2014 12:33 pm
            Hi Sir, I have net pay of 60K per month (including IT). I have two personal loans running currently with EMI togather 21K. Please let me know how much Loan I will be eligible for. Also I have a credit card EMI of 8K per month. Will this be taken in to account while getting a loan? if so how much amount i will be eligible after deducting loan emi + credit crad emi. Is there any option that i can ask the bank to take over my personal loan and grant me a home loan. I am looking for a loan of 20-22 lakhs. Thanks in advance, Kiran
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