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Home Loan Interest Rates

(Last updated on 08 October 2015)
Are you looking forward to purchase your first place? Shopping for a home is exciting, exhausting and a little terrifying, especially in this market. In the end, your plan is to end up with a home you adore at a price you can manage to pay for. Arm yourself with the list mentioned below to compare and narrow down the choices to get the best for you.
To lend a helping hand to our customers, deal4loans has consolidated all the necessary information regarding current rate of interest on home loans provided by all the major banks at one place. Please keep visiting this section to check latest rate of interest for home loans.

Base Rate Cut Effect on Home Loans: On 29th September RBI cut repo rate by at .50%. Now, RBI has reduced the repo rate 4 times in past 7 months. So the repo rate has reduced by 1.25% in this year thus, far. However, home loan interest rates have been changed only three times. In October, We believe, due to RBI's monetary policies bank's hands are a bit forced to reduce interest rates and home loan interest rates will fall by atleast 0.30% more this time. So the new & lowest rates for home loan starts from 9.30%. 10 Banks already announced cut in base rate. New Rates effective from 5th October 2015. Reduction of .40% helps you to save around Rs.261 per month on 10 lakh loan amount for 20 years.

Get Exact Quote on Home Loan Interest Rates From all Banks

Loan Amount
Annual income
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Check Quotes on Home Loan Interest Rates

Bank Name
Loan Amount
Loan Tenure
Bank Name
Floating Interest rate
Per lac EMI
Processing Fee Prepayment Charges % Change in last 6 mths
SBI - State Bank Of India 9.50% (For Women), 9.55% (For Others) Rs.932 (For Women), Rs.935 (For Others) Up to 25 lacs : 0.25% of loan amount minimum Rs.1000/-
25-75 lacs : Rs.3,250/-
75 & above : 5,000/-
ICICI Bank 9.60% (For Female), 9.65% (For Others) Rs.939 (For Female), Rs.942 (For Others) 0.50% of loan amount upto 1 crore N.A
HDFC Ltd 9.60% - 10.15% (Tru fixed plus -2 & 3 Year) Or 9.60% (Women), 9.65% for others. Rs.939 - Rs.975(Tru fixed plus -2 & 3 Year) or Rs.939 (Women), Rs.942 for others 0.5% or maximum 10,000+service tax (12.36%) No prepayment charges shall be payable for partial or full prepayments irrespective of the source
LIC Housing 9.60% Rs.939 Up to 50 lacs : 10,000 +(Service tax)
50 lacs & above : 15,000 +(service tax)
No Processing fees for Women (till 31 March 2014)
Nil No Change
AXIS Bank 9.60% - 9.65% Rs.848 - Rs.852 Upto 1% of the loan amount subject to minimum of Rs.10,000/- Nil
DHFL 9.90% Rs.958 upto 30 Lacs - Rs. 5000 + Doc Charges + Taxes
above 30 lacs & upto 75 lacs - Rs. 10000 + Doc Charges + Taxes
above 75 lacs - Rs. 20000 + Doc Charges + Taxes
IDBI 10% - 10.15% Rs.965 - Rs.975 NIL If Balance Transfer then 2% Otherwise Nil
Union Bank of India 9.65% - 10.40% Rs.942 - Rs.992 N.A NIL
Bank of India 9.95% Rs.961 0.25% of loan amount Min.Rs.1,000 and Max. Rs.20,000/- Nil
Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited 9.60% to 11.75% Rs.939 - Rs.1084 Below 28 lacs = Rs.7500 28 lacs- 50 lacs = 0.50% Above 50 lacs = 0.5% to 1.00% of the loan amount NIL
Corporation Bank 9.90% Rs.2119 0.50% of Loan amount (Max.Rs.50,000/-) NIL No Change
United Bank of India 10% Rs.965 0.50% of the loan amount minimum. Minimum: Rs.1000/-
Maximum: Rs.10,000/-
Tata capital Housing Finance ltd 9.70% (Salaried), 9.80% (SEP/SENP) Rs.945 (Salaried), Rs.952 (SEP/SENP) 0.20 (Minimum Rs. 5,000) to 0.25% off the loan amount + Service tax N.A N.A
HSBC Bank 9.90% - 10.10% (for Salaried)
10% - 10.30% (for SelfEmployed)
Rs.958 -Rs.971 (for Salaried)
Rs.965 - Rs.984 (for SelfEmployed)
1% of the loan amount applied for, subject to a minimum of Rs 10000 plus service tax. This fee is payable on application and is not refundable Nil N.A
Indian Bank 9.95% Rs.962 0.25% of loan amount with a maximum of Rs.20,000 Nil
Deutsche Bank 10.50% Rs.998 12000 + Service Tax Nil N.A
Standard Chartered 10.10% Rs.972 0.5 % - 1.50% NIL
Federal Bank 10.20% - 10.35% Rs.978 - Rs.988 0.50% of the limit sanctioned with a minimum of 3,000+ST, maximum of 7,500+ST N.A No Change
Allahabad Bank 9.95% Rs.961 upto 30 lacs: 0.60% of the loan amount subject to max. Rs.12000
30 lacs - 75 lac: 0.45% of the loan amount subject to max. Rs.24000
above 75 lacs - 300 lacs: 0.35% of the loan amount subject to max. Rs.60000
above 300 lacs: 0.25% of the loan amount subject to max. Rs.70000
Central Bank of India 9.95% Rs.962 Rs.20000/- or .50% of loan amount subject to maximum Nil
UCO Bank 9.95% Rs.961 0.5% of the loan amount, minimum Rs.1500/- & maximum Rs. 15000/- NIL
Bank of Baroda 9.65% Rs.884 0.25% of loan amount Min.Rs.1, 000 and Max. Rs.20,000/- N.A. No Change
Canara Bank 10% Rs.965
Oriental Bank of Commerce 10% - 10.50% Rs.965 - Rs.998 NIL Nil No Change
Kotak Bank Upto 14.5% Rs.1280 upto 1.25% 2% on Balance transfer else NIL
Dena Bank 10% Rs.965 0.50% of sanctioned limit Nil
First Blue Home Finance 10.25% (for Salaried / SEP), 10.75% (For Self Employed) (Upto 25Lacs), Then 10.75% (for Salaried / SEP), 11.25% (For Self Employed) Rs.982 (for Salaried / SEP), Rs.1015 (For Self Employed) Salaried: Up to 30 lacs :7300
30 - 75 lacs : 11800
75 lacs & above : 15,000 + service tax(12.36%)
Nil N.A
Vijaya Bank 10% Rs.965 N.A N.A
Syndicate Bank 10% Rs.965 upto Rs.25 lacs - 0.0625% (Min Rs 250 - Max Rs 1250) 26 lacs to 75 lacs - 0.0625% (Max.Rs.1625/-) above Rs.75 lacs - Rs.2500/- Valid till 30.09.2015 N.A
PNB Housing Finance 9.95% (for salaried) 10.50% (For SEMP) Rs.1072 - Rs.1105 0.5% NIL No Change
Citibank 9.85% - 9.95% Rs.955 - Rs.962 Rs. 5000 (Application fee) NIL No Change
Indian Overseas Bank 10.05% Rs.968 A flat rate of 0.58% of the loan amount- maximum of Rs. 10,190/- There is no hidden charge. This is subject to change from time to time without prior intimation. N.A
Punjab National Bank 9.60% Rs.939 NIL NIL
Development Credit Bank 11.50% Rs.1066 1% Nil N.A
State Bank of Travancore 10.15% Rs.974 upto Rs.25,000 - Nil
Rs.25,000 above to Rs.2 lacs - Rs.500/-
Rs.2 lacs above- 0.50% of the loan amount maximum Rs.10000/-
Bank of Maharastra 10.30% (Upto 25Lacs), Then 10.50% Rs.984 (Upto 25Lacs), Then Rs.998 0.25% of the loan amount (subject to maximum of Rs.25000/-) Nil No Change
Dhanalakshmi Bank 11.50% Rs.1066 1.00 % of loan amount + service tax (subject to minimum of Rs. 10,000 + service tax) N.A
Before apply for home loan, Calculate your home loan emi with Home Loan EMI Calculator

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